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YFZ 450 Blaster hybrid

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Hello all. I have been working on a 2009 YFZ450 chassis with a 2002 Blaster engine. It all started with a low hour, all stock Blaster. I was considering upgrading the brakes, shocks, extended swing arm and extended A arms but the cost was adding up really quick and I would still have the dated Blaster plastics and ergonomics. So, I picked up a nice 2009 YFZ roller for less than the cost of the upgrades I was considering for the blaster. I am decent at wrenching (do a lot of auto stuff) and can MIG weld. This is my first project of this type. I will be posting picks and trying to narrate along the way. Feel free to chime in with questions or tips. I may have a few questions about wiring and jetting down the road. Here we go!
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Here is a CT pipe. It extends about 7” in front of the cylinder and I have 8” of clearanceon the Yfz frame. Should be fine. Plus the underside of of the tank should be clean for cable routing.
The pipe has proven to be the biggest challenge so far. I saw a build from Sonoran Banshee’s YouTube and Facebook page of Yfz / blaster hybrid and he was running a left bend pro circuit pipe after removing a frame brace. He said he as been trashing the quad with no issues with the brace being removed. So I tried and tried to make the stock blaster pipe fit. It just wouldn’t work even after heating the tank to make room and smashing pipe (I was desperate at this point) at the fattest part and there still wasn’t room for the petcock and cable routing was also after tight under the tank. So I thought why not consider a right bend pipe? I talked to a guy at CT racing and we decided a right bend would fit. I ordered it and it’s on the way. I don’t think you would have an issue with aftermarket left bends but a right bend seems like a cleaner solution. I will be welding the brace back in.
Good call. That is one the best pipes you can run on a blaster. They run well stock but really love some porting and major mods if you want to make it fast.
Got it done! So nice to have a two stroke engine in a modern chassis. The project tested my ability and patience but it turned out great. Happy to help if anyone wants to give it a try.

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