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Would you buy a 4-Stroke in the Future

Would you buy a 4-Stroke in the Future

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When all 2-strokes are a thing of the past and nobody makes them anymore would you buy a 4-Stroke
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i would only buy a 4 stroke fourwheeler just to put around on. That would be all for me, 2 stroke all the way!!
my john deere riding mower is a four stroke does that count???
The only way I would is if I destroyed my lt250 and couldn't find another 2-stroke to buy. Then I might think about it.
Your riding lawn mower definatly counts it will probably beat most 4-strokes out there stock and you get your yard mowed
it does. well i guess i'm still in the clear cuz i didn't buy it. dad did. anyway they have made so many banshees that i don't ever see there being a reason that you have to buy a 4 stroke if you don't want to. quad wise. i mean look at the 250r they haven't made one in 15 years and they are still going strong. they are everywhere. now figure in that they only made the 250r for 4 years. they've made the banshee for 17 years. i'm not worried bout running out of em for a while. snowmobile guys don't have to worry i don't think because i don't see the end of 2 stroke sleds anytime soon.
would you buy a 4stroke

I agree with hillclimber.. I'd buy a 4stroke just to cruz around on behind my 7yr old daughter.. But don't get me wrong if you have your 2stroke engine properly jetted you can cruz around for long periods of time without fouling a plug.. I'm 2stroke all the way!!! Let the old guys run the 4stroke.. I'm new so if this doesn't post wright or something let me know how to correct it..
hey Everything 250r you must be new i havent seen you on here before. just wanna say hello. and your right about proper jetting and being able to putt around but every once in a while you gotta pull in the cluth and give it a little throttle or they start to "load up".
Hey guys, I love my hubby's LT250r, but I also like my quad. Now, I have a 2stroke sitting in my yard that my John Deere could beat. Better yet my daughters 12V power-wheels could beat it. It is a Polaris Trailblazer. I would take my Z400 over it anyday.......... but I would rather have the LT :D
4- Strokes

I would buy a 4 stroke. I dont think a 2-stroke would be good for hauling stuff like fire wood and such. Hell thats about all a 4-stroke is good for, they pull small trees out of the ground well. They make great trails. Once you get the pile of crap 4-stroke to blaze your trail, hop on the good quad!
maybe get a 4-poke to set up for different riding styles, Who knows? but probably not If I could set up a few dozen 2-strokes for the same purpose...
Yes I will buy a 4 stroke in the future. I plan on buying one of the 4 stroke sport quads eventually, but I'll keep my LT. Most likely the Suzuki 450 if it's competitive. But the first new 4 stroke I'll buy will be an R6.
After hearing about what Suzuki has done to improve the handling and riding manners of the z400... when they get around to putting a 450 in it I MIGHT think about buying one then. But I will always keep a 2-stroke in the lineup... it's like a cult thing now-days... and I like being able to actually work on my own quad... 4-strokes get too complicated for my simple mind.
I will eventually get myself a Honda 4x4 for muddin that is after I get out of high school and complete college, and then maybe if I have the extra money fallin out my ass then I'll pick up a YFZ450 cause its the only 4stroke sport quad that I like.
Fuck 4strokes. The only 4stroke id ever bye is a worrier witch i have and im putting a kz1000 motor in. Long live the 2 strokes.
As far as the fun factor goes, it has to be a 2 stroke. I already went back several model years to preserve the fun factor when I bought my quadracer. I would do it all over again. They still make parts and you can still buy 2 stroke oil, so I'll keep fighting the battle until I don't have any support.
4s have their advantages, range for trail riding, my pred has about 4 times the range of my R and not many gas stations sell 114 octane.

my 450R is eligable to run several more classes that my 250R is on the MX courses

but i will never get rid of my R either
I bought one. But it was for the wife to learn on since she is so scared of the 2 stroke's power. Tried to tell her it is all in the right thumb but, she wouldn't listen, so needless to say I have a 4 stroke in my lineup now.
When the two strokes are gone...

I wont need to buy a 4-stroke for a long time,Im stockpiling Banshees...Im up to 6,and looking for more,so before you resort to a sickly 4-stroke,come borrow an antique Banshee....or start your own collection now,before they start crushing these machines like they do with antique cars,Im waiting for the companies to begin getting "credits"for verified destroyed 2 stroke vehicles,the same as the musclecars,I have heard its coming...I dont know how many users are into detroit musclecars,but the big polluting companies are getting these "credits" for destroying the drivetrains of these "polluters",which then enables them to put out more pollution,and the EPA looks the other way...not a good thing,and Ive heard they are now looking into the same program for 2 cycle engines,probably a rumor,but who knows what they will do next....
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Honestly this summer if I run across a good deal on a nice 4 stroke, like a raptor, or i doubt it but a yfz or something mabye I might buy it. I might get a warrior for my dad for the farm cause it has reverse. But In the mean time I have the blaster and if I sell that and get a banshee I'll stick with that for a while. If no banshee then a raptor probably...I"ll atleast stick to Yamaha
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