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Where is everyone riding this year

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Just curious where people are riding in the winter. I ride up in nothern New Hampshire and Maine.

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We ride all over the state of North Carolina. I have a (ooops--sorry :blocked: ) 04 Honda rancher UTE and manage to get out each weekend to ride.

I bet NH has some absolutely outstanding trails and I hope to get up that way someday.
I live in quebec,canada so.... i ride there!
me too ;)
i ride in MI,and IN mostly. i guess i'm a long ways away from everybody else on here. but thats cool i like talking to people from other areas.
I ride all over ohio and pa.
race in the cra (mostly north eastern tracks, but a couple in pa and central ohio)
Well i ride in the infamous hillsville, but it is hell on your bike. A new place my friend and I have discovered is Wellsville Ohio. It's at least 1,500 acres of ground that you pay $10 for a day to ride all day. Theres power lines, flats, hills, cricks, everything you can imagine. It's a really cool place to go, a lotta dune buggies there too. If anybody wonderes where it's at, jus ask me.
Seems like everyone has some pretty cool places to ride. I can't wait to get the banshee back together so I can ride.
I ride at Bussy, Iowa. We also try to make it down to Little Sahara State Park aleast twice a year. Can't wait to ride. It has been like 6 months.
I don't know if anyone's heard of paragon near Hazleton, PA. It's a pretty big place that you can take bikes, quads, and trucks to. http://www.paragonap.com I've never paid to go there, hehe. Being a local I just ride in and around there, but I've never gone through the main parts (ya get chased out if ya don't have a pass, don't ask how I know).

There's also Rausch Creek near Pine Grove, PA. http://www.rauschcreekracing.com There are tracks there, some for atv's some for dirtbikes, and there are trails there. If you've watched Huevos 6 yet then you've seen parts of it (the girls in bikinis firing the guns at the truck). A friend of mine works there and helped them put the truck there. After they shot it up with the guns he ran it over with the bulldozer, hehe.
I ride mostly dunes out here in nevada and i have gone to a couple places in cali, az, and utah too. We dont like to take our quads out in the vegas desert it beats the shit out of them so we use our bikes for that and quads for the dunes.
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