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well first off a good way to tell where amcfreek is, is by that black cloud so everlooming above him..
ook where was i just?
i was impounded!
i just got back from the looser n county human impound facility?
amcfreek missed a cort date
what for?
his lawyer filed a motion to dismiss his court case , for more then one reason!
ya know the one he has been bitching about??? going to impound facility after having aheart attack ,,
after his local gvt {not a prank} took his yamaha srx 440 l/c snowmobile destroying it with a backhoe and then
impounding it with a dumptruck along with his ohlins shocked yamaha dt2, and a titled trailor who is going to transferr that out of my name?
well first lawyer a public pretender left amcfreek high n dry with his civil rights violated , the gvt spoke a majick name into the county ear , the ppl called themselves the judiciary conduct comitee,
who fired his worthless sleazeball attorney only to give him a wrse one wich amc bitched about..
then they tried the sneak attack cept amc wasnt fooled he showed up for the secret meeting , and frced the county to pay for a good lawyer..
mr lampman .. who in turn is a very good lawyer..
and attempted to help amcfreek win his battle for middle earth in the village of ebervale , township of nazi hazletownship... looser county
heck lookup kids for cash luzerne county and infact look at the 40some ppl out of the courthouse that got arrested 2 judges....
well the county jail thinks they can save money and not give prescribes drugs to its inmates..
as well as other things like a 70 bed doorm room with 2 shitters and 3 unirnals...
um can we say unsanitary?
um the state came in and paid a visit .. think they left in discussed.
as they are sleeping in the gym
amc's paper work was approved on 11/03 15 but didnt see the streets till 11-10.. a week well and the state is making these idiots play fair? they screw you everyway they can fucking with your mail.. ingoing and outgoing federal crime too..
they dont care theya re like glorified cops .
i will survive i will get by,,..
dancing bears on screen
amcfreek exits stage left
will let you know when this disguisting case is tossed out and i get my 1 thousand dollars aday for my like 8 and 1/2 months of jail time..
gonna buy me aq tecate trike and a 750 tripple....
and im tired of hearing about that trooper tragety one of em lived and that was a tragety..
but elmer frein did blow his mind real good hes fucked up..
hey anny body know when thext cop shoot is up in cadensis?
like where do you get a trooper hunting tag?
do you need a doe tag a bear tag , is the bear tag the same as a ttrrooper tag? and what do ya have to do complete a survivalist training corse? ad then get a pre approved hunting rifle like a yugoslavian rifle like say maybe a 308?
then what is the bag limit on troopers? i heard its one per shift but if ya show up between shifts you can go home early and call it a day...

yeah never poach state troopers without a liscence, always wear your orange hat and jacket , so hat and jacket are required , bells are optional and no driving state troopers and no baiting please..
you can however stand around at the baracks parking lot and yell pull everytime one is dispatched..
moving targets are harder to hit ...waiting for an opertune moment may be more effective...
shooting the moon isnt as important as a trooper shoot or a pigeon shoot in hamburg, or higgens..

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wow im soo kewl i impress myself... if i was a four poker id touch myself im so kewl....
worry ppl not everybody is a two strokeaholic you may end up in the human impound facility where they play bingo, bingo is where the big guy drops the soap and then some sucker picks it up and he yells bingo then that person asshole hurts like he drank the koolaid at a dumpertalk 4 poke party...
but atleast you got to drink the kewl aid...
btw joanestown guianna jim joans was a cia experiment mk ultra.......
yeah just drink the kewlaid
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