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What to do first????

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I just bought a 03 Banshee and want to do some minor bolt on's what should I do first?

I was looking at Dirt-deals.com and was thinking of the power packs the sell it comes with

1) Chrome tommey t-5's
2) Magnum Aluminum boost bottle
3) Magnum Billet Aluminum Reed Spacers
4) Boyesen Power Reeds
5) Required jetting

It cost $599.95 do you think it is worth it i know the t-5's are a good amount of money but is the other stuff worth it?

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that would be a good kit to get started with. how much are you looking to spend on aftermarket parts? the mods are endless for banshees.
al that looks like a good start. the t5's cost that retail anyways so look at it as buying t5's and getting the other stuff for free. oh yeah you'll like the boysen reeds. i put them in my ported blaster back in the day and they worked great. i might get a set for my banshee.
Thanks for the help i am looking to spend under $700. right now. I was think the same thing about the kit it is like getting the other stuff for free!!! when you buy the t-5's

How is that magnum stuff anyone ever use it?

What other small stuff can i do that is cheap

never used any magnum products before but i think that a reed spacer is a reed spacer. it would be hard to screw that up. oh yeah cheap things to do. well first ditch the TORS and the parking brake. they are both useless junk. to disconnect the tors you can just unplug the little black box by the coil i think it's a 3 plug connector. probably grey. then if you wanna go all out with disconnecting the tors buy a new throttle cable that for no tors (bout $50) and then unplug the throttle box plug and thake the carb tops off and swap the new cable in. oh yeah either get air box vents or ditch the airbox al together and get some clamp on K&N filter (bout $30 each) then you have to change the main jets. try going up bout 2 sizes and see what the get you. ride for bout 30 mins or so then pop the plug out and check color. black= rich
white= lean tan= good. then adjust mains and needle seting accordingly. most of this stuff is cheap things but make a difference and are mostly just time invested type of mods. plus all of this saves weight and everybody with a banshee knows that any weight you can shave the better. i guess there is a down side to a 90 pound 350 twin engine.
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With the clamp on k&n i ride alot in the sand and snow i know to get the outwears when i get the filters but is that going to be good enough?

What is the tors?

tors is
throttle over rev safety
sounds important but it's really not

yeah get the outterwearers for them.
the tors box is a small black box (tors brain) bolted to the frame right under the front of the gas tank. all you have to do is take that bolt out so you can totally remove the whole box (saving more weight like *** said) then just simpley unscrew the tops of the carbs right under the big ugly, gray, boxy looking things (tors). then screw your new carb tops in that come with the cable you get from your dealer and conect it to your throttle. might need a few minor adjustments and then your ready to ride..
Ok yeah I know everyone wants more power but I think the best thing that I ever did to my banshee was the +2+1 A-Arms it made the banshee rideable and a lot more stabile. I would steer clear of the Boyseen Reeds and talk to William at www.1dirracing.com they sell complete intakes and with quick disconnect boost bottle so that you can change it out for a larger one or just plain plug it up and not have a boost bottle. There reeds are by far way better than any other reeds I have ever used, And I have tried all of them. Good Luck
if you realy want to wake your stock shee up is get your self some psi pipes then put 270 jets in your stock carbs. thats a good start
Thanks for the help i am going to order that kit and the clamp on k&n's on Monday nd then i will go from there.

thanks aain
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