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What Paddle Tires?

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Hey guys,

long time suzuki rider here, used to watch qrhq a lot.. first time to this site, so far I like it.

Question though, one of my 500r's uses kenda's and all of my 250r's use various paddles. This second 500 I want to set up with some Skat Trak Extremes or Haulers. What size/number of paddles do you guys recommend with experience?

I was originally thinking 22x11x10 / 8-9 paddles. Is this too little tire? Think a 500 can handle a 10?

PS. this one has aftermarket filter/pipe/jet etc and pulls like hell.

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10's will be fine
Okay, any thoughts on where to get them? Rockymountain doesn't sell that size and Skat-Trak has a hell of a time getting back to you.

Anyone have a 500 w/ skats? Can you confirm the 10 paddles? :thanks::thumbsup:
stock motor?
stock swingarm?

if i was running stock, i would run 21x12x8 6 paddle extremes out here on the west with no less than 67-70" rollout

If i wanted to wheellie and let off the throttle every 3 seconds i would run 10 paddles

I have a good friend that just went from 8 paddles to the 6 and gained a heap of bike lengths and still has enough torque to pull the wheels off the ground up until 4th..

BUT it all depends on what the sand type is like where you ride.. I had a stock zilla with 10 paddles on it, and all it wanted to do was flip... rode most of the day 1/4 to 1/2 throttle

The difference between alot of bikes is just the paddles in some instances, some people have played with this for years (20+) and they have ran almost every combo

I'm running a little under 80hp (small reed) and i only run a 9 paddle 70" roll out.. +4 swinger and my bike is violent if you give it too much too fast :laugh2:

GOOD LUCK!:thumbsup: Everyone has their own opinion.. I have tried 7 different sets on my bike and finally came up with what i like.
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Yeah Stock motor/swingarm..

I ride over at silver lake sand dunes, and I have ridden about 7-8 different brands/combinations of sizes and paddles.. First time I will have ever tried skat traks though. The "best" hook I've had from paddles came from my gheckos..

Seems like last time I read about them people were saying anywhere from 8-10 was a good choice.

Great info so far, really appreciate the insight!

i have rode my buddies stock bike, with 6extremes, 8 haulers, 10 haulers, 21" sandstars, 22" sandstars, 6 paddle brats, and SSII's.. And there is no comparrison..

the 21x12x8 6 paddle Extremes are the Sh!tnizzle on his bike at dumont or glamis.

But asking people about paddle tires is like asking them what tranny oil they run, everyone has their own opinion.
But i cant wrap my mind around 10 paddles on a zilla if its stock. Unless they were gliders
I understand that they are all different for different people.. Just trying to get other perspectives. Nothing like dropping $250 on tires you are not sure about.

Am I correct in my assumption that the 8 skats will hook much better than the 8 gheckos?
yes geckos should be illegal for sale in North america.

8 skats will hook a hell of alot harder than geckos
Really... I was under the assumption that they were pretty decent seeing as how they ran on my other bikes.. If they are really that bad, then whether I get 6's or 8's it should be a vast improvement..
geckos and skats arent even in the same league.

geckos would be more for your daughters beginners quad and you didnt want to spend the cash because she might not like riding the sand..
Or for a Quad that you were going to ride in the rocks or on trails that were rocky. Alot of people buy them because they are available at chain motorcycle stores and are easy to walk in somewhere to get..
Plus they are a molded tire and molded usually means weight which means loss of HP

But this is just my opinion.. I am sure there are guys that would argue that geckos are the best, and that would be their opinion..

If i either had to run geckos or knobbies, i would run knobbies.. either way i would be dissapointed with the geckos
Hah... Good laugh.

Have me all excited for these Skats now.. If only Skat-Trak would call me back!!

Did you order from skat-trak or from another vendor?
Call dave or joe at

Fullerton Sand Sports
8322 Standustrial Street
Stanton, CA 90680-2653
(714) 484-5996

tell them what you have, where you ride and what you are thinking, they will help you on a good decision
I believe the guys we ride with with zillas/ hybrids are running either 8 blade extremes , or 8 blade edges in silver lake . remember the sand in Silver lake is much heavier/ denser then out west . and usually the drag strips are wet so don't overpaddle ! you will regret it real quick . I run 6 extremes on my stock 450 and it works real good .
David allen racing ( the store at the entrance to the silver lake dunes ) has the best prices I have found , and the service was exellent !
I ran a set of 21x12x10 geckos on an old DS650 i had a while back...its sucked so bad i wanted to throw the whole bike away. Went back to the dunes with a set of 22x11x10 skat trak edges, and WOW! What a difference it made with the switch. Granted this was on the big porker DS. Just saying my experience with the two.
UMM... what is roll out?
Stock, not home right now to measure..
Sorry i should of clarified, Im asking what does it mean?
Sorry i should of clarified, Im asking what does it mean?
I was under the impression it was the measurement of the outer circumfrence of the tire
Skat Trak Haulers is what I have on my zilla for the sand when I ride in my little sand pit areas .....they have worked well for me the down side is ive found the rubber is softer then other paddles and if you go over some sand with rocks the paddles flake off ....you guys probly dont have that problem in your dunes
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