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as some of you may know i'm redoing my 95 banshee. it had been raced befoer i bought it. why he was racing a banshee MX i don't know but he was. anyway it was kinda beat up and halfassed here and there. so i decided to redo it. ok so heres what i got so far i have some parts at the powder coater
heres the list and colors

frame -- gloss black
stem -- gloss black
a arms -- silver
swing arm -- silver
i also had small parts like brake rotor hub, foot peg extensions, foot pegs, and brake rotor guards done gloss black.

heres my question i want to know what you guys think about colors for plastic i'm thining about white fenders w/race cut fronts and either gray or black tank cover and rad. cover with a flame grill and flame black and gray seat cover.

jsut wanna here some other suggestions. i'm tryin to keep the truck trailer and quads to match a little bit. i've got a gunmetal gray truck and a gray and black inclosed trailer.
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Lots of Chrome!!!!!!!!

We are working to get a chromer on the site to get stuff done for members at a cheaper price. How many people would be intrested in something like this. I know my buddy quadzilla is thinking about getting his whole frame done. That should look sweet.
I would be interested. I am looking to redo my 86 quadracer this winter. Does anyone know of a good powder coat guy? This is what I am looking at doing.

stem, foot pegs and a-arms-blue

unless we get a chromer on the site. I am looking at puting yellow plastic and a blue hood and seat cover and a chrome motor.
i'd be interested in getting a swingarm chromed. i think i want a +2 arm for the dunes and maybe a sterrign stem too. chrome stems move better in the upper block
I want to get my durablue axle re-chromed and probably my old-school FMF pipes. I've heard of a local guy around me that does it for cheap, but I haven't met up with him yet. He's not a business or anything. He just does it out of his garage. I might take that route when it comes up. If he does some good work I'll ask him about any possible mail-in work and let you know what the prices will be.
well i got the frame, footpegs, brake guards, rotor hub, motor mounts, and swingarm back today from the powder coater they look awesome. totally worth the $300.00 it cost to get it done. the gloss black is really shiny and is smooth as glass. i'll snap some pics of the parts maybe tommorow and post em so everybody can see how nice of a job they did. hopefully this week i'llstart assembling this thing. all i need now is a new mains on the crank and a topend and plastic. getting closer but not quite there
well i started assembling my 96 shee lst night. i didn't get very far into it before i got mad and came in the house. the first thing i was going to install was my brans new action racing +2 arms. i've had them in a box for about 2 months now and really wanted to toss them in the quad with my elka 0 preloads. so i start installing the bushing sleeves in the arms and that goes ok so now i'm excited becasue this quad has been apart for months waiting for this or for that to get started on it again. well after i get all the sleeves in i assemble all the hardware and make sure that everything is tight and safe. i test fit the spindles and guess what they don't fit. the guy charlie who sold me these arms said that they wouldn't work with the modified reamed spindles i already had so i specailly bougth these all stock spindles for these new arms. well action racing sent the wrong part for banshee spindles evidently. so i blow that off and decide to just mount the arms and have my nieghbor mill down the tower that fits through the heim joint and into the spindle. well i put the arm into the mounts on the frame and one bolt goes in no problem. but the second bolt won't go in. i trire dthe other side with no avail. at this point i'm pissed. i took teh arm and set the frame end on the bench only to see that the stubs that fit into the frame are not welded on striat. i was so pissed that i shoved the other 2 quads back into the shop slammed the door and went drinking. well i email this guy charlie and he told me to send back the arms and he will take care of them for me. actually he's going to send me new arms. my situation get better yet. i think that the color that i picked when i bought these arms he doesn't offer anymore and i got the swingarm color matched. i'm not sure what color hammertone is but it doesn't sound like silver to me. why does this shit happen to me.
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oh yeah there is some good news though i have the rear suspension all assembled and it looks great. i also have all the electronics and wiring installed. i hope i took the TORS wiring out correctly. i took all the tape off the outside of the harness and just cut out all the TORS related wiring and loomed that bitch back up and zip tied it to the frame. the RAD axle carrier is back on as is the durablue axle that i have to take back out and put my snazzy new powdercoated brake rotor hub on. i took a few pics of the frame i'll post them and in a little while when i go back out to the shop i'll snap a couple pics of the quad now with rear suspension.
Just a tip for tearing out your tors. There is a little box on the left side of the quad at the front of the quad. All you have to do is unplug this and remove the box. That is the control unit for the Tors. Just a helpful tip.
yeah i did that to both of my banshees. but when i was puting both of them back together i pulled all the looming off of the harnesses and cut out all the TORS wiring so that i didn't have the extra plugs hanging. i'm gonna snap a couple pics today of what i have done. hopefully my seals for the sterring shaft will be in quick and the guy at action racing better not make we wait a damn month to get my arms.
i think it's pretty bad when you purchase a nice set of arms and they take 2-3 months to arrive, hopefully you don't have those problems again. but with the problems you have had trying to mount your arms is messed up. but everyone knows that when you think everything is going good during your build there is always something that is going to mess up. let me know what the guy does for you about those arms that way i know which way to go with mine.. if anyone has any suggestions about their good encounters with a good aftermarketr a-arm let me know i'm looking for a new set
the quality on these arms were great other than that stub that wasn't on striat. i'm not mad at the guy i'm just kinad frustraded with this shit that always seems to happen to me. if this is the only prolem i have until teh end of the build then i guess it's not too bad. the main bearing in the engine was way worst of a hit than this.
finally something is going my way with this banshee project. i got a call today that my parts are in (steering stem seals and rear caliper spacers). i also found out today that my a arms are comming back next week, and the brake pads i ordered will be here monday. i'll have a "roller" then. oh yeah and the parts lot that i bought will be here along with my rear rims and my headlights too. all this next week i can't wait. now i just have to get the engine finshed up and some sprockets and chain. then i'm only plastic away from being able to ride this thing. i haven't been able to ride it since i bought it (october). oh yeah pictures of this banshee are posted in the member galleries. leave comments and tell me what you think. i'll have more pics up soon.
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