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What do ya think?

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I noticed some people talking about different drag quads. My best friend, a fellow hillclimber, his dad is building a drag quad to beat all others. They bought a blaster and took the engine out. Then they picked up a Kawasaki H2 750 triple motor. That's a 750cc, triple cylinder, 2 stroke engine. They have the engine mounted in the frame from a machine shop. The engine is rated to go 180 mph in the blaster frame. The swingarm is extended 6 inches already from being a past hillclimb quad, and they are going to kick the axle out and kick the a-arms out. They are going to hillclimb, sand drag, flat track, and also try it out on the 1/4 mile. Just wondering what you guys think of this and if you have any ideas for the project. Also, the tampon sticker is going to be used on this quad.
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For a Drag Quad I think your friends are going in the right direction. I hope they had the Blaster Frame reinforced. I don't think a blaster frame could take going 180MPH. Besides that the only thing I would look at is a longer swing arm maybe a +12 or more. Good luck with it and post some pictures of it.
Thanks for the thoughts Banshee. They had the machine shop gussett every member of the frame with little triangles so it will hold most of the punishment. I will try to get some pics for it very soon, even though it's not much to look at now because it is all stripped down for the engine. It is impressive though since they had to weld extra footpegs on the outside of the origional ones so that you can get your feet around the engine. They have been talking about making a longer swingarm. They are wheeling it into their basement today to start setting it up. They have to have the triple pipes made so that they all go around the engine but don't interfere with anything else. they are going to run triple stingers on it also.
thats ounds like a cool quad. if anybody wants to maje one i have a 72 suzuiki 750 triple 2 stroke (supposed to be 120 rear wheel hp) for sale. i'd like to see the pics of it
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