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welcome sparkzilla (100th member)

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welcome aboard the site sparkzilla you are the 100th member to this site. tell all your 2 stroke riding buddies to check out the site. we are growing and it's great
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Wow I feel special!! I am the 100th member. :D Thank you

2 Strokes Rule!! My zilla may be old but it is still fast.
hey i just saw that you are from southern indiana. where abouts down there you at? i'm in the northern part of indiana ( between valparaiso and michigan city) where do you go riding at?
I live in seymour I am an hour south of Indianapolis. We ride where ever we can. :)
hey an indiana guy. we are few and far between here on E2S. you ever been to silver lake sand dunes or haspin acres before. i'm not gonna ask about the badlands becasue i know you've been there.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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