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Welcome Everyone

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It has been a little over a month now and we have grown from 0 members to 65. At this rate we will become the number 1 sorce for 2-Stroke information in no time.

I figured it would be good to get to know a little about each other so just post some info about you, what you ride, where you live, and that kind of stuff.

My name is Jason for those who don't know. As my signon suggests I have a banshee 2003 LE. I live in Nashua NH and work for a transportation broker as there IT Guy in Milford NH.

So let me know something about you guys. Suggestions and comment about the site are welcome to.

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i'm chris i own 2 banshees a 95 with a *** engine and a 87 thats currently wrecked (thanks to an unimpressive 4 stroke) i live in north western indiana. bad lt250r is my brother. we are currently build him a LT250r that kind of a mut. 87 engine 88 frame 89 suspension. and Big Kahun is a good friend of mine. my brother and i have been riding since about age 3 or 4 we learned on (i hate to say) a honda atc70. we got out of the hobby bout 2 years ago because of lack of people to ride with and have recently started riding again. we will be riding at silver lake sand dunes in mears, MI - the badlands in attica,IN - haspin acres in laurel,IN. other than that we ride on a retired GNCC track. and are currently waiting for friends with land to get off their asses and were gonna build 2 more places to ride. if anybody lives in the IN,MI,IL area feel free to email me at [email protected] or PM me here about going riding.
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My name is Ken. I ride a 86 LT250R. I work for a grocery warehouse in Chariton, IA. I live about 17 miles south of there in the town of Corydon.
My name is Joey...I have one shee...93 bored 40over,cool head, reeds,trinity 2into1 carb kit with a 33mm flatside carb....and more stuff....I live in Ohio
where at in ohio
haspin acres is really close to ohio
Near the river
you wouldn't happen to live in a van down by the river would you??

j/k your 13 and probably to young to remembar that SNL skit anyway.
Nope Not at all...lol
Which river? I live on the Ohio river just east of Pittsburgh PA in Ohio.

I'm Allie, who is married to a 2stroke, hillclimbing guy. He went out and bought the Z400 and had it like 2 days before he said, he wanted another LT250R. That is what he used to have. So, now we have both since he financed the Z400.

We also have 2 dirt bikes that are in need of some repairs and then we will be selling them. We want to get something the kids can ride.

I am a stay at home mom of 4 little ones (10, 9, 6 & 2) and we are also foster parents for the county we live in.

Jim, my hubby loves to hilllclimb and I love the mud and going fast.

I hope you all won't kick me off of here since I have a 4 stroke :(
I ride the LT every chance I get! The power is so awesome :cool: BUT, I would kill myself on it!!
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Hello everybody, My name is Brett. I live in Central Pennsylvania, but I go back to my hometown (Eastern PA near Hazleton) every weekend to ride with my friends. I'm a computer programmer for an insurance company (sorry, I can't get you discounts, I can't even get myself any). I'm sure you can read the specs on the Banshee in my signature so I won't repeat it here.

The 2 friends I go riding with all of the time have Banshees too. We are into just about everything hill climbs, trail riding, jumping, and the occasional mine road races. I have an 86 Honda 350X three wheeler I like to get stupid on, but lets face it the Banshee is just so much more fun. Plus I plan on selling the 3 wheeler for a new swingarm :evil2:

This site is great. I'm glad I found it and got involved.
Hi, my name's Clayton. I'm 17 as of March 28 and live in north west Pa. On the Ohio border, right beside New Castle. I ride a 00' Yz 250 and also a 96' Yz 125. I hillclimb as a hobby/race. I've also been to a couple hairscrambles, and tried a motocross track once. I live on a farm and have access to a lot of acerage, some corries, but a lot of trees. I mainly ride in the infamous Hillsville Pa. Recently a friend and I have discovered Wellsville, Oh. Hillsville is still closed, but we still go although Wellsiville is $10 a day to ride from 9 to 9. We try to go riding at least once a week, but usually end up breakin something from stupidity and come home early. Have a project pending. I have a 340 2stroke snowmobile engine that i plan on putting in a go cart, just havent found the time, just need to bolt her in. As for other 2 strokes, i have a few weed wackers, that count??
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Hillclimber361 said:
Hi, my name's Clayton....
You know anyone from New Castle? I went to college in Slippery Rock and I have alot of friends that were from there. Here's some names that might ring a bell.... Pezzone, Pannutti, Leishman, Baxter..... PM me or IM me if u know any of those guys.
what do you want for the 350X i need a good donor 3 wheeler for my suicide trike
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