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The New Guy

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Hey just found this link on a sticker on ebay so i thought id stop by. I ride a banshee mostly at sand lake with my GF and her dad and step mom. We have three banshees and two blasters in our group and im proud to say the only 4 stroke i own is my Toyota Tacoma ;) . Hopefully some of you ride there also.

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Welcome Scott

Let me be the first to say welcome to the website. I Ride in NH so I don't know where sand Lake is. This site is still very new and we hope to be growing fast so stick around and I'm sure there will be someone. By the way if you couldn't tell I ride a banshee to. If you have some pictures post them in the Photo Gallery.


welcome scott!!
Hey muttmachine! Come Back!!! Many things have changed around here since you joined!!!
Sounds like you need this site :D

Welcome to E2S.
welcome >i also use my TACOma for hualling my ducestroke>hehe.
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