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Thats why

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thats why banshee's are not being made any more!! it sucks to!! WHAT ABOUT ALL THE CARS? they are a big part of it!
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hey killer settle down now. the banshee will be greatly missed. but don't start in with cars polluting. yeah they do but old car folks like myself have enough trouble as it is. they are crushing old cars in cali just as fast as closing glamis land. blame it on big business. thats where most pollution comes from but unfourtuanalty that where the big money comes from too. it's all part of the liberal enviro mayhem going on right now. someday they realize the hoe in teh damn ozone layer has always ben there it's proven. i say just be glad that the banshee stayed around as long as it did. i'm thinking that if you whine about the last year of the banshee to any honda, suzuki, or kawi fan they may slap you silly they lost there great 2 strokes in 89 (250R), 92(LT250R) and 87(tecate 4) just think youi got at least 12 more years of your fav 2 stroke than every other brand. not to mention the newer quads handle better and there will be banshees around until the end of time. they must have made millions and millions of them.
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Yeah, it sucks...
It sucks that they are doing that. :sad: but I think Yamaha souldn't just stop the banshee, maybe 500cc, water cooled, 8 valve, high reving 4 stroke twin. that way the banshee still one of a kind.
Wow, now you did it... You said that they should put a 4 croaker in the banshee???? NO, NO, NO!!!!!!! If you really want a kickass banshee make a 4-wheel drive one with 2 cheetah equipped banshee motors in-sync with each other on nitrous. One driving the front wheels and the other driving an independant rear suspension setup. Just 2 motors, 2 chains, 4 shocks, 2 sets of arms, and some clean underwear!

I'm appauled you would even suggest putting a 4 stroke in a banshee!!!
Yeah PA_Banshee does have a good point here. I defenently go for his idea over a 4 poke anyday. Man that would be fast. I just can't believe that anyone would suggest putting a 4 poke motor in any 2 stroke.
That would be one hell of a trip. but its still a 2 stroke and that what the SOB tree huggers are after. And the time will come when they no longer make production 2 stroke. So instead seeing the Banshee disappear i could maybe see a 4 poke in it as a production quad "it would suck to see but better then no banshee and it was just a though". i would hate to see the 2 stroke go.
they will still be around,stop whining.I have a 25 year old 250r atc and it still runs ex. any of us old guys wont be around to see them go extinct anyway!Ive already put 2 away for the future,when everybody will want one.Its like an old camaro with a big block hard to get and everybody will pay big bucks for it.
steve i like you more and more everyday. you stock pile banshees like me and you also like old chevys. i don't have a big block camaro big i do have a big block 69 elky SS. the bog block is long gone but it'll get anothe soon enough i'm think bout doing a 496 ci stroker BB with fuel injection.
Yes, the hole in the ozone has always been there and it fluctuates in size, they just happened to be researching it when the hole was bigger than usual!! I do a/c work industrial and commercial, so I know about all that stupid epa crap. But, the goverment spent billions of dollars researching the ozone hole, So if they got though with all the research and said everything was O.K. and normal, the public and the goverment officials would have bitched for years over the waste of tax money! So they had to come up with something!!! And saying that 2 strokes cause enough pollution to stop making them is another one of the biggest jokes I have ever heard from the great US goverment! A erupting volcano puts more cfc's in the ozone than the human population could ever put there.
i don't thinki that CFC's are the problem they are blaming onm two stroke. CFC's are choloforlocarbons (i think that might even be spelled right) those come from aresol cans. the big thing against two strokes are hydrocarbons (unburned fuel) and carbon monoxide.
Sorry for the confusion, but I was just using the cfc's (aerosol cans and freon for air conditioners and other HVAC equip) as an example. They are one of the main reasons (supposedly) of ozone depletion.
I just cant believe anyone would want to see a 4 stroke 4 pussies take the place of a 2 stroke 2 win. I'm stunned! But you know how governments work, the people who make lots of bread can do as they wish, while they put the blame on us folk who are just trying to have some fun.
wait hold up, when did they say they were gonna stop makin banshees, is there a final year?i knew this day would come but not now ahhhhhhhh noooo this cant be happening.i was talkin to a local honda dealer worker(my friend) and he said when they sell the new 05 CR250s just got they get no new ones, i dont know if its just for the year or for ever?
2-strokes really really do pollute like crazy. Ive been to the rocky mountains snowmobiling on a weekend and all you can smell is 2-stroke exhaust and you can actually see it in the horizon. It looks like humidity and it makes you sick because your breathing about 1/4 co2 and 3/4 oxygen. Ive even seen it when I've gone riding my dirtbike with my friends. Every time one of us hits the gas smoke pours out and it smells like crap in that spot for about 15 minutes because 2-stroke smoke is so oily and thick it dosent rise very fast. I dont think its the 2-stroke bikes and quads that caused the big stopping of the production of 2-strokes, I think its more of the outboard boat motors and the snowmobiles. The snowmobiles are a major factor and so are the outboard motors because from the 1930s when they started production they were always 2-stroke until the late 90s when they started making 4-stroke outboards.
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yea i know when im in the field at my aunt's boyfriend's house you can see blue haze across the whole thing- only from me lol
Its kind of funny how some of thes posts go on for months at a time, isnt it?
2 strokes don't polute that bad on oh yeah the 1/4 co2 and 3/4 oxygen part?? what the hell does tha mean??? actually you don't breath anywhere near 75% oxygen that in itself would first off make you very very high and may make you sick. the atmopsere is made up of something like 73% hydorgen or soemthing liek that and oxygen only accounts for about 13%. and the othe is made up of C02 and inert gases
its sort of um an exageration and im not a scientist but i know that its not healthy to live around there because of all the 2-stroke smoke. If youve ever ridden a snowmobile in the mountains in hot-spots its like a haze that just sits there and dosent go away for a long time.
When you say 2-stroke haze you mean aroma theropy right?!
AHHHH 2-stroke, a real mans sent!!
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