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suzuki lt250r

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i recently did a frame out restore on my 87 it was changed over to a 89 motor for it's a much better design. any how when installing the piston there is a spacer on either side of the rist pin bearing. my ? is can i remove these without causing problems. i blew my motor when this washer let go and i don't want it to happen again. if any one has an answer it would be great because noone else does.
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I'm to to familiar with the inside of the LT250R but I would think you need them or you would have slop in your piston and it would rub down the sides of your cylinder. I would repost this question for scott at soreracing.

thanx for the reply i found out a day ago to put them back in. i did it last night and there was way to much slop without them. now hopefully i can get this project done it's been in the makings for 3 months

thanx again
how is the 89 a better design than an 87. i'm building a LT250r right now for bad_lt250R and it's an 87 engine and a 88 frame. the 87-92 engines are identical other than the reed cage and the cyl. actually the 87 is a better engine because it has a better reed cage. it bout 3/4 inch wider than a 88-92 cage. if i'm wrong please correct me but in my time with LT's i've always thought and heard that 87 was the fastest year.

that is the reason! the difference between the intakes and i might be wrong also But the 87 intake is so much bigger the air just rolls around and creates turbalance in there and in 89 the smaller intake was for a smoother faster delivery flow.i did ask a few different people and they all said the same.

89 lt250r
burgard +2rec front end&swing arm
holeshot xcr on omf beadlocks
durablue x-33 -2 +4axle
custom neon yellow frame
myers neon yellow race plastic
fly easy pull quick adjust clutch lever
rep rear shock
renthal sprockets and chain
stainless brake lines
tag t2 bars
dg nerfs bumpers and grab
atv seat covers .com custom cover
complete builtsuzuki motor no used parts all new including eletrical
ct midpipe and silencer
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i've never heard that before. i had always heard that the bigger 87 intake was better. hmm i'll have to ask scot at sore racing forum. maybe he'll have more insight on this. anyways thanx for the info. i wonder if an aftermarket reed cage will fix some of that????
I think the 87 has more power because of it being bigger but the 88 and above is a more refined power. With a good port and polish I think it is better than an 87 with a port job.
hmm well damn i'm glad i decided to start building banshees. i'm gonna run this shit past scott. i wasnt my brothers LT to be pretty fast and if that means a different cyl and reed cage tehn so be it. i can't let him lose to 4 strokes adn stuff especially 4 stroke hondas. this crap never ends with me.
I think this is a big issue for a LT500 I don't think it will make that big of a difference in a LT250. I say keep the 87 and port and polish the hell out of it.
he's sending it out to FTZ racing and getting it ported polished head milled and cc'd and he's buying FTZ's repinned YZ250 piston that gives the LT better compression and does away with the goofy as thrust washers they have betwwen the pistion and the rod. oh yeah it also comes with a bore hone and deck. all this and it's not bad on price either. it's like $425 w your cyl. $650 with a brand new suzuki cyl. i'm gonna ve to call too becasue they used to make a kit with a RM250 cyl. i think thats probably better. the guy at FTZ told bryan (bad_lt250R) that with the cyl and piston kit he should hang with 250 dirtbikes. bryan asked if he would catch my *** and he guy said i'll get you closer but your not gonna catch him.
banshee and *** banshee

i think that the difference can't be that much either they could of changed the cyl for the better or just to control the power for retail reasons !!! next one i build will be a quadzilla and not mess with the little one any more
yeah i hear that i really want a zilla but i think that more than a zilla i want a tecate 4. i know one thing for sure i love my banshees. i think banshee will agree with me there. there is nothing that compares. sure 250r's are fast but something about the sound of a 2 stroke twin. just feels fast when you sit on it. damn banshees are great
I definatly argee with you on the banshee but I am a previous Zilla owner and I have to say if I came across a zilla I would buy it for the right price.
oh yeah i would too. actually i'd buy anything for the right price. i really want a zilla, tecate 4, 250r, or another banshee. i'm thinking that i might need banshee #3. oh yeah the guy that hit my 87 is buying me a new frame. so i might have the 87 frame straitened. and i have enough extra parts to put a 3rd banshee. i'm getting a kz650 engine in trade for some work. i've got alot of ideas running through my head now. it'a a 4 stroke engine but i might be able to make an exception.
I am actually trying to get ahold of a guy about an 88 that is running and an 87 that is not for $3500. I am hoping to talk him down or just get the one that is not running for around $600-$800. I'll keep you posted if I get 2 I might be willing to sell one.

Well, I am new to the e2s website, mainly forums, i am half owner of the new community for quadracers. www.quadracer.co.nr is our name, as of now were only for Suzuki LT 250R and LT 500R's. Soon we might open the forums up to more. But all of you qracer owners go on to our site, we just started up near the end of april and were makin good progress..50 members on forums already. As of the FTZ kit, i would like to know more about that, i need somethin to keep me next to the new TRX450R (my brother is getting one lol) however he is very good at riding. So well see. my signature and profile pic will be up tonight, im at tech school and its blocked.
Hi Chris,

Don't think I forgot about your email I have it on my list of things to do. As for the FTZ Kit I don't think that is going to allow you to fun with a TRX450. If you want to keep up with that you should think about getting a Zilla
email???? oh you mean the pm i sent you. ok cool. oh yeah i was wondering how to set up an avatar. do i have to use one of the one you already have on here or can it be anything??

i AAAAMMMM going to get a big bore, maybe 310, or more..bottom end like butter? gear it lower
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