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Strong Arm a-arms

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I am looking to get a set of +2 a-arms for my 86 quadracer. Does anyone know anything bad about the strong arm a-arms? What would be a good brand? I don't want to buy the most expensive but don't want to go cheap either. I like to track ride and jump but have never went so extreme to ever hurt my stock ones. Let me know what you think. Ken
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I have a set of TBR a-arms and they work really good.


Also Scott makes custom a-arms so you might talk to him about the a-arms.

I got a great deal on my a-arms, but the TBR are probably going to be expensive unless you can find a deal on them.

I have never heard of the Strong Arm A-arms. Good Luck
i bought a set of action racing arms. they are on ebay all the time. mine are great plus they are fully adjustable camber, caster, toe in, and ride height. ther are too different shock mouting heights. they are also built with .120 chromoly tubing instead of the normal .090 tubing. and believe it or not i bought mine for 389 shipped. i know one thing they are nicer than bigkhun's american stars. i was very disapointed in teh am. star arms. oh yeah i think the actions go for about 429.00 now i got mine at the end of the year and they were on sale. but just check ebay and they will be on there the guys name is charlie and if you have any question he'll email you back right away
The Strong Arm a-arms are made by HSD Racing. I am not for sure what I am going to do. I am definently going to get the different shock mounts for the top shocks since I have an 86 quadracer to make it like the 87 on up. I will look into the TBR and the Auction Racing a-arms. Thanks a lot and I will let you know what I decide. Ken
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