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Spring Fling

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GSATVA.org is putting on a Spring Fling here is a PDF flier about it.


It looks like it is a Thumper rally but I'll be there representing the 2-stroke family. I am going to be there probably on Sunday so if anyone goes look for my banshee.
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from what i've read it looks like your weekend trip was pretty shitty. i think it would be fun if a whole bunch of us cool 2 strokers got together and showed up at another one of those thumper events and just to piss them off and to let them know what the real men and women ride. just an idea
The whole event was just a joke. There were no spectators at the races. There was only about 100 quads there on Sunday and someone told us that there was a lot more people there on Sunday than Saturday. There was no real attraction like most other race I have been to. Plus If I was to put on a race I would have a radio station there to promote what is going on. It was a pathetic show of what the club is capable of. I can't imagine that race surviving many more years.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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