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yfz330r/86 T3
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Here we go with my yamaha 250r

2007 yfz frame pc bright red
Housed +2 lt arms
Steel braided lines
Galfer rotors
Rath front bumper
Lonestar axle 2+2
Houser +2 stem
Fat bars
IMS nerf bars
Motor ... Haha
Esr mx pipe
A/S 38 carb
Mxr6 all the way around
Douglas bead locks rear
Esr air box eliminator
Stripped harness with pro armor kill switch
The color combo came from my favorite r
Really loved how she turned out

Just waiting on graphics to get done

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Well after a few years and a couple of texts later and finding this website i decided to fix my 250r back up to riding shape. This is an old picture from 2010 the last time before it went out then it broke and i just never touched it and let it sit. Turns out the coil was bad the whole time... so i put on my brothers coil, drained what little was left of the 3 year old gas and put new gas, oil and a spark plug in. 2nd kick later it fired to life just as the last time it went out but now after riding it around its a back to a one kick cold start the way it used to be and damn fun to ride.

Upgrades nothing special
Elka fronts/Stock rear
Duncan racing front bumper
Twist throttle
LSR pipe
ESR head
And i can't remember the rest because its been a long time

Still has some problems the pipe leaks at the cylinder which i should be getting fixed this week before i go riding, a very slow oil leak from the front sprocket has started while moving, very top end always cut out but its always been like that i think it is a jetting issue and... the clutch seems to be getting worn other than that its been a great bike all these years.

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1986 250R First build.

At last it's finally running! I've just been debugging it the last few weeks. Getting new plastics, front shocks, and tires for sure in the spring!


601 - 620 of 622 Posts