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Shock options for 85-86

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I know this topic has been posted on here many times but it seems like I keep coming up with the same answer, nada. I can't really afford a nice set of works right now so I am looking to find a alternative oem shock for the rear, the rear I have now is way to soft and leaking and doesn't look like a good candidate for rebuilding. I've looked at a couple buddies quads and on ebay for cheap shocks that look like they might fit. I figure if I could get a used rear for $50 or so I would be doing all right and if it doesn't fit, oh well. I'm not sure the length of any of these shocks but it looks like maybe(big maybe) A predator 500 Fox might work, saw one with a Buy It Now for $65 shipped. Anyone know where I could find out the length of this and other shocks? The stocker is something like 15" correct?? Also a buddies raptor 660 with remote rezzy looks like it might fit although it seems a little long. Anyone tried anything other than the z400 on the newer lt's??
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I put a banshee rear on mine bolted right up
I'm running a set of banshee works up front went right in no problems. The predator rear shock is probably gonna be a bit long for your rear I can't remember off the top of my head exactly how long it is but just ask someone sell theirs on ebay to measure it for ya
i can rebuild the rear shocks for $140 shipped if any one is interested.

i think a warrior 350, or raptor 660 rear will bolt up. you need the older ones with the remote rezzie, or you'll have to mod the airbox. i've never tried this, just what i've read.

i changed the front shock mounts on my 86 to the 87 up style. i now use lt500r front works shocks. only problem now is the a arms are to short. its kinda tippy, needs longer arms in the front. but they do ride pretty good
Oh man I completely forgot that you did that when I was buying mine!!!! :angry3:
The shee drops right in. I dont have the box on mine and I had no problems... I dont think it would be all that hard to make a bushing up that would work to spread the weight out on the bolt but like you said that just depends on how much you want to do with it, and if the cost is going to be much of a difference you may as well just send it off to sblt, or mx86 for a rebuild and save yourself a potential headache
No clearance shouldnt be an issue with it blaster....nnnon the shee I have has a clicker pre-load adjustment on it not sure about the others
1 - 5 of 53 Posts
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