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Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum so first of Hi.

I have been building and playing around with Scott Flying Squirrel 2 stroke engines for a little while and we have been working and to tune them for racing with the British Historic Racing Club in the UK. The Scott engine is a early 1900's twin water cooled 2 stroke designed by Alfred Angus Scott who was a pioneer in the world of two strokes. It uses overhung cranks, crossflow scavenge and deflector pistons. It has a huge amount of torque riding out of corners, typically revs at about 4,500 or 5,000 RPM and a gas flowed engine can produce about 35 BPH which is not bad for a built in 1929. The bike in the picture is owned by Roger Moss of Moss engineering and is being ridden by the late and great Paul Dobbs of Isle of man fame.

I am in the process of building a new engine for my race bike and I thought I would start a thread if anyone is interested.

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