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Today I rode my snowmobile for the second time, we moved it somewhere else but when we got it out of the trailer it started super well, nothing wrong.
Then we filled it with gas, oil, and we changed spark plugs for brand new NGK Iridiums.
The engine didn't start even after trying to pull many times, so my friend, who knows way more about mechanic than me, burnt the gas left in the cylinders and unscrewed the spark plugs and made me pull it to burn anything left. After doing this many times it got running, slowly, but it got finally reached its normal idle.
But, there was a bit of gas dripping out of one of the carbs when we put primer. So we rode it for like 30 minutes and when we came back, I just left it on because I wanted to ride it again but it wanted to flood again so I put maximum throttle but it flooded.
We tried doing the same thing for... At least a hour and a half without any success, then he left.
Later, I tried to do it again with my other friend, took the spark plugs out, plugged them, but, this time, flames were coming out of the cylinders when I pulled and after, there was still gas burning in the cylinders, faint blue flames.
I really don't know what to do and the mechanic in my area is in vacation. What could it be?
Video of the flames
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