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Rider Died in Salem NH

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I just saw on the news that a ATV rider riding a Yamaha banshee was killed on a pond in Salem NH. From what they said the water levels have droped and some rocks were expsosed causing him to fly off the banshee. They said he was not wearing a helmet.

Its unfortuate that things like this have to happen but even worse when someone is not wearing a helmet.

My thoughts go out to the riders family

Here is the article

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no helmet and alcohol????
it's a shame that this guy died
but drinking and riding. thats a really dumb decision and no helmet equally as dumb
i feel bad for the family and friends of this guy and i hate to say it but i will things like these give atv's a bad name.
wow that crazy same thing wit friends uncle

My friends uncle that would take us riding sometimes just died also a few months ago .. at El mirage, CA.. He was on his 16 year old sons banshee.. with out a helmet also.. RIP.... This man was like the safest rider .. so i dont under stand why he would ride off at night by himself without a helmet
What a shame. Some ppl will never learn. It took my cousin getting beheaded when on a wheeler 7 yrs ago to make me wake up. And no she wasn't wearing a helmet.

RIP Amy, I miss and love you!
Careful Out There

I am probably one of the oldest members of this site. I have been riding for years. I do not ride with people who mix riding with alcohol. And I make sure my kids are being taught to ride safely, boots, helmets, gloves or they don't ride. We all need to be careful out there. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of this guy and to you to banshee girl.
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