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Sounds like hooked on phonics was skipped....

Are you trying to put reed spacers on to solve a top end miss problem?
Only reason you need reed spacers is on stock cylinders and larger carbs to clear the clutch arm...period.

Just because your plugs are chocolate does NOT mean your jetting is fine, the electrical system checks out, you don't have an air leak, etc.

You mentioned wide open in 6th.
Follow this to a perfect T....to check your main.

2-Stroke Plug Chop How-to
Lol well someone can’t read said it’s ported not stock and guessing he’s using spacer for same reason I am that expensive piece of shit aluminum air box don’t reach the carb so need huge rubber boot and spacer to get it all to meet up but ya I’m having same issue bogging in high gear but my guess is main jet to big or need to adjust float
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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