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yes wecome to the advertisement for an up and comming youtube thing called.
and me your host BILL HILLY.
i will talk about how to get that wonderfull twosmoke flavor in all of your grilling needs.
howto savour all that two smoke flavor in all your foods.
and of course we will have some shop talk.
where i will show ppl that you can put cdi on a yamaha dt1.
and howto get a nice bright headlight on your new dt1 .
ahh use a dt360/400 stator flywheel.
clean every connection including all coils grounds.
and use a i hate to say it a half breed cough gag wheeze a non yamaha part..
use a trx200sx voltage rectifier regulator and a streetbike headlight a xs 360/400 55w light...
i do!
also we will discuss my new freind a true vision correction tool.
not the ordinary lumpin stick, a bueford pussor approved vision correction tool.
it will correct the other party from seeing the word "BYTCH" Tatoo'd on your forhead ..
we may have time to talk to other caractors like "crackhead Eugene"
ockmed the other terrorist.
and a few comercials thrown in.
we will keep in touch and post links here.
and here are some pics that fearnot feared to take so i took em...
if the forums cooperate ill post new [pics


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