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rectifier? do u need it?

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can u run a quad without the rectifier if u aren't using lights?
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no. my dad had this problem on his ds 650 it woudlnt work without the rectier period. with lights on or off as soon as he batterlost charge the quad was permanently dead
any quad with a battery has to have a rectifier. all a rectifier does is convert ac current to dc current which is what charges a bettery. if you quad is kickstart then you have a voltage regulator which knocks your voltage down to 12 volts so it doesnt blow lights. if your quad is a kickstart then you can take off the voltage regulator but you will lose your lights.
Not to get off topic but.... if the light bulb keeps blowing out then the voltage reg is bad?
if your quad is a kickstart then you can take off the voltage regulator but you will lose your lights.
so since this is in the quadracer forum u should be able to run ur quad without the regulator since all quadracers are kickstart
sorry, i wrote the wrong thing! yeah, the regulator is not hooked up, but i want to install somelights, well i tried anyway. i hooked them to the power lead out of the stator, and they were very dim. the harness is pretty chopped up since the quad was mx'd. can i just splice in the regulator into the proper wire (via the wiring diagram), or does it have to be at a specific spot. also would this make the lights operate correctly?

matter of fact, i'll probably run new wire. if anyone has a wiring diagram...
can i run a wire off the yellow with red tracer out of the stator to the regulator then to the power lead to the light. would that work?
i made my own wiring harness for my lt250r and i only have the bare necessities to run and kill it. i have three wires going into the cdi. one exciter coil wire, and pickup coil wire, and a ground to engine, then coming out of the cdi is the wire that goes to a grounded coil, and a wire that goes to my tether kill. my lighting coils and all the lighting wires are all gone(including the regulator). its a cleaner setup this way. im fixing to buy new lighting coils then i will make my own wiring harness for it too, seperate from this one to ease repair.
the regulator just has to be tapped on to the power wire, correct? i can't follow the wiring diagram, because it goes into the light switch. i am going to have the lights stay on at all time, so i was going to use one power lead out of the stator.
Find the GREY wire coming out of the light switch and connect that to the wire on the regulator and make sure there is a good ground between the frame and the regulator. Then Find the the YELLOW wire that also comes out of the headlight switch, and the BLACK and WHITE wire (Floating around somewhere) and connect those to the headlight (YELLOW being the positive.) Thats if all the original wires are still there. Headlight on all the time? How u supposed to run from the cops man? Think this thru!! :)
lol, good point about the cops!! that's exactly what i needed to know. i'll tear off the plastic and try again today. i'm sick this week! lol well, supposed to be anyway.
i got the lights to ride on the ice at night. i really don't trail ride much.
i misread your post some, i don't have a switch. i would like to run the lights all the time. how would i wire that? i tried hooking the regulater onto the y/r wire coming out of the stator and the quad started. i then touched the light power wire to the regulator wire and the quad died? how the hell do u wire it? do u need a switch? the reg has only one wire coming out of it, so it must be just tapped on to a power lead...? if i had a switch, a simple 2 way, would i put the power lead out of the stator into the power lead of the switch, then on the out power of the switch hook the lights and regulator onto that side?

i tried using the switch that came with the kit. i hooked the power wire with the inline fuse to the power lead coming out of the stator.
i then hooked the lights to the power coming out of the switch, the thrid prong is grounded on the switch. i then tried hooking the regulator to the side where the lights where hooked and nothing worked, but the light in the switch. i then swapped it to the power coming into the switch and nothing came on.
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i figured it out. i looked up the lights and they were 50 watts each. way too much for a stock stator, when i disconnected one light, it worked. thanks for the help.
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