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About 2 years ago I flipeed my blaster down a hill in spectacular fashion. Bent a lot of stuff. Handlebars, steering stem upper right a arm, spindle, brake rotor, and of course my frame.

I had just got a CRF450R supermoto so I lost interest in blastering and it sat.

About a year after that I get the urge to fix it. My friend has a history of destroying blasters so he has a few frames with bent subframes sitting around, and I'm a jew, so I cut the subframe off my bike and welded it onto a straight front half of one of his old frames, and add a few more reinforcements to the frame. Between me and my friend we've figured out every weak spot on a blaster frame. This one should be pretty indestructible, it has gussets everywhere. Be prepared for a lot of pictures. Here's an album of the frame rebuild process.

After fixing the frame I decide i should have a look inside the engine, because I've been thrashing the same top end for about 5 years at this point. I don't know how it hadn't eaten the rings yet, the exhaust port was wallered out so bad I had to bore 2 sizes over. I was broke at the time and had my supermoto to keep me happy so the project went back into storage for another year.

Fast forward to now and I've got a new 73 mm wossner piston, got my shiz bored, got some new boyesen pro series carbon fiber reeds. (had some before, but I drowned my blaster more times than I can remember, and the backfires while drying it out finally destroyed them)

User Bluesman on blaster forum sold me a set of 03+ spindles and rotors, so I can ditch my home made caliper mounts.

Also got some banshee hubs and rims from a raptor 350, just so I can get some itp gncc tires. They only come in 9" rims.

Should have everything this week.

Can't wait to have my blaster running like new again. It was way down on power; a 400ex beat me
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