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Rear Sprocket

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Well I bought a new Sidewinder sprocket +2 teeth. Well I went to bolt it up and ended up stripping out one of the studs. Well I got it out and got my dealer to order a new set. So I started removing the old studs and got all of them out but one. Really pissed me off I am going to buy an easy-out tomorrow. So be carefully when dealling with the rear sprocket studs.
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If you just stripped one of the studs off, why dont you just use a die and take it down to the next size smaller and put a smaller nut on it?
Well I got all of them out. I could have used a die to go down to the next size but you can give yourself major issues if there is un equal pressure on the sprocket and going down a size would make it harder to get 40lbs or torque.

In any case they are all out and now I just need the new studs and bolts to show up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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