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Raptor 350

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Like the raptor wasn't a big enough joke they made a minni me version. Why would they put a 350 motor in a raptor and not the YFZ. I hate to say it I think this might be a signal of the banshee and blaster retirement. Let me know if you have info on this Raptor and whether it is to replace the banshee.

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I saw with some share that it would have banshee 4 stroke 500cc and blaster 4 stroke 250cc :wacko:
i like the look of the raptor 350 but i hate that they keep the old two valve warrior motor.The just make it liquid cooled.But yamaha could make it a lot better if they wanted to....
What is up with all the new 4-stroke replacements?? Yeah they are more reliable and have less pollution but you would think with all the time they spend trying to get the 4-stroke to perform like it's 2 that they could have figured out a solution to the pollution by now.

I don't believe a 4-stroke will ever have the same violent acceleration :D
There is definatly no way it will have the powerband of a 2-stroke. Its sad though because Ski-Doo has motors that meet the EPA standards to 2010. Its just the ATV market that is not putting the time into the motors. Thats ok I'm going to buy a Banshee the last year they are available and just keep it in the crate for awhile. :)
Haha, that's an idea. I would hope they would want to keep it around for a while because it seems to be pretty popular. Bone stock nothing really compares to it and I don't see it being replaceable by a 4-stroke.
raptors are a joke

hi everyone i'm new to everything2stroke. i was reading the forums and saw that somebody said the new 350 raptor was relpacing a 2stroke. unfortunatly it's very true. 2004 is the last year for banshees and they can only be ordered in the beginning of the year. the 2004 1/2 order sheet does not include the banshee or the warrior but does included the raptor 350. for some dumb reason they are making a 2004 warrior and a 2004 1/2 raptor 350. i was told by the yamaha dealer in indy that it's basically the same einge just tweeked a litle bit. i have no idea what thats supposed to mean but i think that it sucks. why get rid of the banshee thats the stupidest thing i've ever heard. the salesman at indy motorsports that i was talking to said that the government and soem insurance company lobby are behind the banshees retirement (reminisent of the big 250R retirement in 1989). they now refer to a bnashee as a "duner" because they are pushing the new YFZ450. that same salesperson told me the 450 rides just like a two stoke and that i would never know the differenc and i told him thats fine i'll stick with my banshees. he gave me some smart ass comment about handleing and i said well then i'll ride my LT250R. i'd also like to say that i'm glad to see that there is a 2 strok only website on the net.
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I hear ya I was told however that 2005 was the last year for the bansee. I'll stop down at my dealer tomorrow and ask him. I am glad that you are a 2-stroke die hard. There are to many pussies getting sucked over to the 4-stroke world because its got reverse or electric start. Well I say the 4-stroke community can keep those people. Yeah the banshe handles like crap stock but I put a set of A-Arms and that made a huge difference. If they would just put some R&D into the banshee it would smoke anything out there. Again welcome aboard
i hear you about the handling part. i havent ridden mine with the new +2 arms yet. i know that my 87 banshee handles like crap with the stock j arms. i've been debating an a arm conversion kit or maybe just buying a newer frame and rebuilding that quad too. not sure if it's worth all the work though. if i decide to ride tight trails i'll just ride the suzi or something. i know that i rode the 87 in tight woods trails with my friends and i smoked all of them on thier 4 strokes. a 300ex and a 400ex. yeah killed by a pippey banshee. i had to laugh at them. well thats until i accidently had it on reserve and had to get pulled outta the trails by a honda. worst part was he sprayed me with mud for like mile and a half. i felt like an ass. but on the other hand i also beat my friends YZ250 in a drag race and in the trails and he dumped it trying to keep up so all in all it was a good day for me
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I think..its gay...the raptor 350 isnt the greatest...they could have made it a 400 instead of a 350....
I don't think it matters what the size of the motor is when the frame and everything is almost the same size as the 660. So now you have a crap motor in a tank of a frame sounds smart to me. I wouldn't put a 5 year old on it.
I'M WITH YOU GUYS. 4-strokes are a joke. but i think that the 2-strokes have gotten a undeserved bad rap! no thanks to the Cal. gov. but what most of them don't understand is that a properly set up 2-stroke can run up to 4 times cleaner than the best 4-stroke out there. i live near a college (Clarkson University) that tests this every year as a project, the emission readings they get out of there Artic cat 3 cylinder snowmobile are a mazing compared to a 4-stroke, on average 4 times cleaner.
yeah 2 strokes are a dying breed so they say. but heres what i say. how come every new quad that comes out they make an attack at the banshee for speed. hmmmmmm sound to me like its "the quad to beat" pretty funny though it's the same frame design since 1990 and a engien from the early 80's. i say f*ck 4 strokes they suck. and whats up with a 660cc not keeping up with a 250 2 stroke. i thought it was suppsoed to be like 2:1 for engine size 4 stroke: 2 stroke. well i'm keeping my banshee. and i'll kepp eating 4 strokes for breakfast.
I agree totally with you guys. These new 4 stroke laws suck ass. They are better compared to their last one's but come on. They race 250's in the 125 class and 450's in the 250 class and who was the motorcross champ, Charmicle on a 2 stroke 250. Same deal with a Kx 500. Same motor since the 80's never was changed. It was basically the same before that except it was air cooled in it's early days. At hillclimbs there is so many 4 strokes that try to beat them, but try as they might, the 500 always wins. It's retarded. These government people need to actually know what they are talking about.
Alot of the guys I go riding with all have 4 strokes and give me crap about riding a 2 stroke when I have a plug foul or something like that, but they dont say much when I smoke all there A$$'S in a drag or around the track. They can say that 4 strokes are cleaner for the air and what not but I think it's all a bunch of BS if u ask me!
Honda Rider said:
Alot of the guys I go riding with all have 4 strokes and give me crap about riding a 2 stroke when I have a plug foul or something like that, but they dont say much when I smoke all there A$$'S in a drag or around the track. They can say that 4 strokes are cleaner for the air and what not but I think it's all a bunch of BS if u ask me!
i say hell yeah!!!!!!! but even with a f*ucked up plug i still dust all the 4 strokes, all except those fast ass warriors!!!!!!!!!!!! they are fast!!!!!!!!!!!1
dammit i'm tired of hearing about warriors already. not to metion i get so scraed of them that i wet the bed sometimes
i'm glad to see that i'm not the only one that messes my pants in bed over those warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey Big K while your laying in bed tonite think about the low nasty sound the warrior exhaust makes. that horrilbe braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttt sound. nothing sounds better than a banshee with toomeys, under full throttle of course
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