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Hello everyone. I have a nice low hour 2006 Raptor 350. Runs great and all that but I’m a two stroke guy from way back and I miss the sound, smell, and exhilaration of a two stroke. Honda 250r is really pricey nowadays, the quadracer 250r I’m my area are either ragged out or pricey as well. So, I love the ergonomics, handling, size and look of my Raptor 350 and it seems like a Blaster 200 would fit right in with room to spare. I can weld and fabricate with no problem. My biggest concern with a Blaster 200 engine swap would be front sprocket alignment, the kickstarter clearing the frame, and carb to airbox fit up. Has anyone done this swap? Does anyone see any “no go” issues in doing the swap? It’s seems relatively simple but I want to make sure I’m not overlooking big issues. If it’s feasible my plan is to pick up a basket case Blaster, have a Ken O’Connor engine build, use the electrical, switches, cables etc from parts Blaster and end up with a lightweight, fast, and modern looking two stroke quad. All input is appreciated! Thanks! View attachment 35834
There a youtube video of someone who did the same thing
here the link
ask him possibly he’ll be able to assist
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