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Racing Question

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What is some of the requirements to race. Just looking to see what kinds of races require certain types of protection of safty equipment.
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Hillclimbs require tether's and just long pants, shirts, and boots above the ankles. As for motorcross on quads, i believe most of the time you have to have tethers there also.
I believe the rule book in AMA sanctioned racing specifies long sleeved shirt.

Ok, guys I am being a dumb girl here, but where can I get a tether for 92 LT250R ? I know my hubby wants to do some hillclimbs this year and he needs one.

Also, do any of you know of hillclimb races in the Western PA-Eastern Ohio area. We are going to West Virginia for some this month.

'92 LT250R
'87 KDX200 (soon to be for sale)
'89 CR125R (soon to be for sale)
'03 LTZ400
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Pro design makes a tether. I have one on my quad. You can buy them just about anywhere they are not specific to a quad so find one you can buy one. Here are a couple companies that have tethers. Alba has the Pro-Design which I recommend. There is one selling on ebay right now for $18.00 you might see if you can get that one cheaper than alba. Rockymountain carries a different version which I have no opinion on since I never owned one.

Good Luck



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Thanks! I checked out the ones on eBay and I did another search for *kill switch* and found one for $18.00 + shipping. So I used Buy it now and got it for him.
I have a Pro Design tether on mine too. It's simple and effective. I don't have that whole key setup on mine. I just use the tether as the on/off switch. Just gotta remember to pull that thing out if I get stuck on a hill and try to turn it around.

I've watched the occasional idiot turn theres around on a hill and it rolls away from them and starts up. The best is when it runs itself right into a tree and bends the top a-arm like a pretzel.
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