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WEAK "quote" "dude im pretty shure mines not a four stroke, im pretty shure mines a V TWIN"

WEAK" an engine needs back pressure or it wont run everything needs back pressure"!!!!{back pressure is this a 2 strokes stinger?}
dude enzo fararri had no use for back pressure and in his lemans wins his cars had a dual type exhaust system .
short circut for high revving and a switch that made the exhaust longer for pulling out of the turns .
if enzo didnt need one ,
weak thats a car we are talking about motor cycles here
amc: yeah and eric buels newer bikes have that same type of exhaust system and make more hp with skidoo motors on them..
amcfreek: dude i forgot more about engines then most people know...
and you are talking to somebody who alreaddy built his own exhaust for his four stroke from scratch , it sounds like a lawn mower at an idle and a harley when you open it up .
four strokes exhaust are actually a tuned circuit..
WEAK "quote" "dude im pretty shure mines not a four stroke, im pretty shure mines a V TWIN"

ok from time to time i run into a freind and well i try and help .. as ome idiot alreaddy tried...
well these poor ppl that know nothing about annything mechanical some times will speak up.
and prove what they dont actually know.
for that there is this thread..
can we all come together and put in this thread the things those ppl say.
as say Quote Of The WEAK!
weak minded.
now the popular misconception of morons that own a harley and remove there baffels from an expensive set of pipes .
then they place a restrictor called a power cone in the head pipe thus they knock the tune right out of the pipes ..and he just paid for a set of screaming eagle heads from harley davidson and paid to have them diamond ported and still thinks that restrictor is the best mod he can do ...
most ppl give up argueing , this person has done me wrong like many otehrs but has also done me rigt eaven though he is freinds with the neighbors who are absolute scum , and we and the neighbors aint never talking again ...and last atlking to the neighbors who knows alot less about bikes then i do will still agree in desighning an engine build before you build it , no winging it its pretty stupid , when this freind is spending a settlement .. wasting more money then annybody can ..
he had his bike worked on only at a dealer , before that he was skipping around from place to place put a set of cams and big bore kit and didnt touch the computers fuel injection , i had to tell his the news like dude it will run right up untill you burn a piston or seize one of them big bores...
anny way the dyno tune at the one dealer with a power commander sent the power comander back because he couldnt tune the bike {power cones reflecting sound waves back at the valve seat}
well this person knows nothing about mechanical aspect of engines , and i dont own a harley so to these idiots with a payment plan and a bike im a lesser bread , but i still have my kl 250 with the homade exhaust
she was still pulling to 9 grand , my dt-1 parked next to it will smoke it something about that gyt kit....
that kl was cheap and cheep enough that i bought 2...{eaven though my brother needs to pay to fix one of the engines i still have the original motor that my asshole for brother ran without oil ...the 4 engines left in my grage after i got looted is a spare dt-1 and a kl 250, and a xt-550 they did get my tt600 engine and my kawi tripple and my suzi tripples and my neer new rd400......
my neighbors looted me bigtime
and im getting tired of hearing ppl tell me what went on when i was away ... and who did what

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WHAT???? are you having a conversation with yourself? The post doesn't make sense !
No offense but, turn your "spell check" ON and What are you talking about ?

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that was the qute of the weak .....
he didnt understand what a 4 stroke was but he "HAS A HARLEY"
so that entitles him to have bigger balls and know everything , wich only qualifies him to be a teenager.
and yes i am crazy , but not stoopid.
ppl actually think im pretending to be crazy......
anny way ppl with a harley alreaddy know you need backpressure to have no baffels ...... and everything needs back presure...
i can remember when the sleezeball freind of his next door to me , and his lowrider puked a whole tank of gas on the basement floor , yes i live on the other 1/2 a double
and i mention hey why dont you let me either rebuild your carb , or atleast take the bowl off and clean the needle valve and relapp the needle valve into the seat so it fucking seals
he ooked at me and said what do you know about bikes?
i said i forgot more then you know!
nextime he did it and pulled the harley out i beached my 74 amx right across the celler door on the street and said fuck you it aint moving , fuck callin police , fireman etc , and his hog stayed outside for a few years and got rusty . but my house didnt burn down because of this idiot ..
yeah they have a harley and the crackpipe they smoke makes them special if you get my drift .....
i like it when i tell them harley dumped eric buel and he went and bought skidoo motors that have like 40 extra horses!
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