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Anyone know if it is happening this year, or something like it up here in the northeast. I have been taking my kids for the past 2 years and it has become sort of a tradition.

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It looks like Quadfest 2011 IS NOT happening!
They kinda screwed themselves last year cranking up the entry fees!
They got so greedy that last year they only had approx 1500 people attend where as the previous quadfest 2 yrs prior had over 4,000 people!
It's such a shame that they have a property like that and want to double or triple their fees to fatten up their wallets ! Scumbags ! would think that they would
Not only did they increase the amount of money for entry and camping they still charge you money for every event that they offered !
Motorcross, obsticle course, mudbog, dragracing, etc.
With the economy the way it is, you think that they would offer a better package but they "FU#$"ed everyone trying to make enormous profits for their pockets!
However, Greed.....Backfired Big Time !!! HA...HA...HA...

However, June 11-12th....Tri-County ATV is having an open house type of thing at their place!
Their trails Blow Mountain Ridge atv (where they had quadfest) out of the water by far !
They are also having Drag Racing Saturday, late afternoon into the nite!
Anyone can run...It's a 300 ft dirt drag track!
Absolutely , bar-none a first class ATV club!
And Cheap for the weekend !
$15.00 for sat and sunday free camping!
Do the math???
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