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project quadracer

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project quadracer is going along great. it's a full rolling chassis. i have some pictures of it too. if anybody wants to see them i'll try putting them in the photo gallery (do i have to email them in or can i post them??) my brother has decided to buy the LT from me. but i'm still stuck putting it together. the things you do for little brother huh??
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Project Quad


Would be great to see the progress of it as it developes.

Photos would do the trick for sure.

You can just post the pictures in the photo section. If you have any questions on how just let me know.

how do i upload pictures??? i looked around but couldn't figure it out. i won't be able to post them until thursday. i have to leave here at 3am to go back to school. only 3 weeks left
i know that project quadracer now belongs to badlt250r. but how is it coming along. has badlt250r made any progress with the quad. :D
nope hasn't done a damn thing. he's coming over tonite to put it in the trailer because i'm tired of tripping over it. other than that he';s just bought some parts and hopefully will be sending his crank to sore racing to get it rebuilt sometime this week. so when that coems back I'll put the engine together for him. then he'll just need his FTZ top end and some plastic and he'll be ready to rock
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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