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polaris quad ???????'s

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ok i usually try to stat as far away from polaris quads as possible but i ended up working on one for a friend of mine. it's a 400 xpress it's a 2 stroke 400cc it dropped a piston skirt so instead of having me rebuiold the engine he's gonna get a used engine and i'm gonna put it in. well i started taking to engine out and ran into a problem. how in the hell do you get the drive pulley off the crank. i have to get this thing off to take the plate off for the last motor mount. this is driving me nuts. if anybody can help it would be really great.
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ok well i got the engine out but i still need to find out how to get the drive pulley off the crankshaft. i just muscled the engine out with the plate attached. oh yeah i'm reminded why i hate polaris quads becasue they are built like sherman tanks. i had to take out about 30 bolts just to get the front fenders off the other night. Big K was there for that. i cussed he laughed. damn i hate polaris
Its easy

Either buy a clutch puller or have a dealer pull it off. They will probobly do it free. It is easy with a puller. But you cant get it off without one, you could bend the crank.
this think it threaded on. and it has an all round nut on it. unless i'm looking at it wrong. i guess it deosn/t matter though becasue i got around having to get it off.
370banshee said:
this think it threaded on. and it has an all round nut on it. unless i'm looking at it wrong. i guess it deosn/t matter though becasue i got around having to get it off.
chris...... when you go to put that motor back in let me know i'll come over and give you a hand. since it only weighs a ton...... but it's not as fast as a warrior!!!!!!!!
well if you weren't posting on here at 3am then you might be able to get up when i'm ready. it's 8 am now and your to busy sleeping. ah hell maybe all call you and wake you up
Don't try to get it off without a puller. I know several people that have bent the crank.
i think i finaly figured out the one you were talikng about, that nut is left hand thread. and there is a tool to take them off with but if you heat it up and use a hammer and punch you should be able to get it.
I totaly know where you are coming from, we bent the crank on our 2000 Trailblazer once trying to get it off, the next 4 times that we blew the thing up we just brought it to the local dealers and they pulled it off for us. They may sell Pooplaris but they are a bunch of great guys there.
PS after blowing it up for the 5th time in a year and a half I finaly agreed to let the hubby get a 'shee. well I love the thing more then he does I think now. All I can say is why didn't we do it right the first time? Like the hubby says we had to go to banshee rehab!!!!
listen wats wrong wit trailblazers i got 2000 model nutin wrong wit mine. it hammers through tracks too
i have 99 Polaris Sport 400. It walks away from my brother in laws 01 warrior any day of the week. Take it a dealer and they would pull the pully off for you.
i got it taken care of but thanks bisho1. oh yeah the warrior thing was a joke. actually the warrior thing was/is a runnign joke around here. did you knwo they are 500hp??? haha
Im new at this forum so i didnt know. Sorry. They are pushing close to 500 hp. i dont know if they hit it yet. That is how my brother in law is too. He can ride better than I can, so he is faster on the trails but when it comes to a flat out drag i have him beat hands downs.
no need to apologise...... and yeah i think the new raptor350 name and the new plastic put them well over teh 500hp mark
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