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Pictures of the banshee

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I put new pictures of the banshe in the photo section. It's not all put together but it still looks pretty.
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Lookin good so far. I hope it all comes together soon because this weekend is looking great around my area (hittin 70's). Hopefully everybody gets some good riding in this weekend.

Did you have a boost bottle on before or is this a new one with the new intake? I like mine with the boost bottle on it because it just adds to my already strong mid-range, but my friend's 2000 (setup mainly for top-end) sucked with the boost bottle on. It drastically changed the power delivery. We then tried it on my friend's 2002 and he loves it. It added to his mid-range while still keeping the strong top-end. Essentially what I'm suggesting is if you don't like it just put the stock cross-pipe back in and see what setup you like best.
Well my setup is ment to have a boost bottle. The setup is from 1dirracing.com. It includes a 12mm torque spacer, INtake with boost bottle, and the G3 Reeds. The nice thing about the intake from 1dirracing is that the bottle is detachable. This allows you to put on a larger boost bottle for drag racing. Really nice setup if you know anyone that is looking. Like I have said in the past with the reeds and pipes I am now running a 420 main jet.

I am planning on riding this weekend a little still trying to dial in the carbs. Next weekend is a drag race that I am going to and hope to be running perfect to smoke some 4-strokes.
i say next weekend you should take off one spark plug wire when you race the 4 strokes that way it's a close race
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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