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we the people of pennslvania demand that the state police become more caringa nd less ignorant {like this will ever happen}
but we will also wish that the new polie internal affairs be led by eric frein ,
he seams to know how to handel situations ... involving the state police...
like hugo selenski knows howto carry out drug dealers ..
whats the score right now ?
eric frein 2
pa state police nada!
whats the score with hugo?
one escape and e didnt try to sneak back into stalag 99 water street?
what is the score with hugo?
hugo -4
drug dealers zip!
dam hugo really knows howto burn a drug dealer.....
google the above guys ..
not like i would hang out with felow trikers and smoke hash now would I?
wood i wood
hair lip hair li!

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Obvious, you got jammed by "THE MAN" riding....

I used to ride in Hazleton, but before then I used to ride in numerous locations in New Jersey, that used to be cool if there wasn't a Jerk-off who injured themselves and sued the land owner!
The end result was myself and a couple of friends getting a $500.00 ticket for trespassing...fortunately, we didn't get our quads impounded with the thought of never seeing them again.

Yes, The lawman sucks! but so do the irresponsible Dicks that ruin it for everyone else!
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