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Parts direct from the warehouse

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This is some info that I got hope it helps you guys let me know how it works out.

1. I am sure you all know how expensive a local dealership can be, even for small
bolts or nuts. The part numbers listed on these cd's allow you to order from
factory warehouses that can save you a lot of money. Some of the price differences
are listed below. I used my local dealership for the dealer prices and factory
warehouses for the warehouse price. The warehouses usually deliver parts faster
than the dealership as well. Plus, the money you save on the price could be used
for overnight shipping. either way, you're a winner! There is also a list of my
favorite factory warehouses and their contact information after the price comparisons.
Here are some of the price

2000 Honda CBR 600 F4
64100-MBW-670ZB Upper Fairing $547.75 $386.00
64450-MBW-670ZB Lower Left Fairing $396.75 $280.00
33120-MBW-682 Headlight Assembly $201.25 $153.82

Factory warehouse contact info can be found in the back of magazines such as Motorcyclist,
Sport Rider, and Cycle World. Here are some of the Toll Free contact numbers for each
of the big four Japanese Manufacturers:
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I agree with you 100%! I have been ordering all of my parts from M.R. Motorcycle which is one of the numbers you listed. These guys are very friendly and easy to deal with. I just call them up with the part numbers and they have my parts to me within 6 business days. My local dealer usually takes two weeks and is 30-40% higher on the price. Also if you don't want to buy the microfiche CD's this site has a lot of the parts microfiche for free: http://www.ronnies.com/micro.htm
I've been ordering LOADS of yamaha parts for my banshee (mainly general maintenance) so I have quite a few parts and prices to compare. I went to that site and every price was exactly what I paid at the local Yamaha dealer. I get my parts from them in about 4 days (except 3 backordered parts). I just go to yamaha's website and use their parts index to get and print out the part #'s and quantities that I need. I just take that printout to the dealer on a Monday and I have the parts either thursday or if UPS is being lazy friday.

Is everyone else not getting the same results? I don't see why I would want to go to another site to pay the same price and possibly even shipping. Hell I would've loved to pay less than the $217 I spent for a new caliper assembly, but check it out on the site it's the same.
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i ordered soem parts through north conty yamaha. i found their # in the back of dirt wheels and they were about 20-30% cheaper than my local dealer. Big K has the hook up though. he gets damn good prices at the local dealer.
PA_Banshee what site did you go to?? Those are just numbers of warehouse suppliers. If you are talking about ronnies that is just a dealer. The are pretty good about having everything in stock and its good for me because they are close by so any order is just 1 day shipping through ground service.
I went to Ronnie's. I like how I can use that site to give me a good estimate of how much my orders are going to cost me. I usually just drop off the order and deal with the bills when they come in. Are the warehouse #'s prices much better? How do you do it, just tell them the part #'s and quantities and give em the ol visa? Can you call up for price quotes?

Heck for anything I don't need yesterday (yeah that's right yesterday not now) I'll go through one of them to save a lil dough!!!
i just go to my local dealer and he gives me his price plus 5%. so i think i'll stick with that for as long as i can.
PA_Banshee, I was just giving Ronnie's as a place to get the part #'s. I get the part numbers from there or from the Yamaha site and then I call in my order. Like I said before, I use M.R. Motorcyle (800)359-0567, and yes the price is generally much cheaper than from the dealer. My local dealer gives me a 10% discount, but I still save more (even paying shipping) by using M.R. All you have to do is call them up and give them the part # and quantity and they can give you a price.
Well, I think I have everything I need for the time being, but thanks for the info. I'll definately give some of these places a try if I or any of my friends need anything.
man i wish i woulda found this along time ago...
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