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I picked this vintage 2-stroke up recently with less than 500 miles that had been sitting dormant in a garage for almost 50 years. I cleaned the carb and tank and put in a new battery and it started up and ran fine. Then I proceeded with the full restoration including a new coil and plug and wire.

However, now it starts fine and seems to run well for a short while (1 or 2 miles) then wants to die at idle. If I let it die, it won’t fire back up for quite a while. Ive started it up cold and just let it sit at idle for half an hour with no problem. I’ve also noticed that it will die at idle when I initially switch on the headlight if I dont nurse the throttle a bit.

I’ve cleaned the carb again, replaced the float, removed the stator and cleaned it and checked the continuity, cleaned and reset the points and timing and flywheel.

I’m now stumped. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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