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I have a 1991 WR250ZB I brought back from the dead and restored from junkyard sat-for-10-years-never-maintained condition and converted to a supermoto, and I can't seem to get it running. Really need help on this one!
Here's a picture of the bike


Now for reference, here's the wiring diagram:

That yellow wire is the separate lighting coil, which I floated the ground and ran both yellow wires up to a reg/rec and battery for my lighting system.

Using the wiring diagram as reference:

I get 9~20 VAC off the Brown wire coming from the stator; after about a million kicks I couldn't get it more than 20 vac. Usually it would sit around 13 vac.
0.9~2 VAC off the Black/Red wire coming from the stator
2~3 VAC off the Green wire coming from the stator.

The bike ran (horribly but it ran) before I tore it down to replace the bottom and top end + all gaskets and seals. After I got everything together I found it didn't have spark, or very weak spark, and couldn't get it started.

So far I've:

Replaced the ignition coil 3 times, one from a working bike, one new OEM one, and one new AMR Racing ignition coil
Replaced the CDI unit with a new OEM one.
Replaced the dead OEM stator with a new aftermarket electrosport one
Replaced the spark plugs with OEM specified BR8EG NGK plugs or BR8EIX NGK plugs

I'm freaking stumped here. The ground points are good, the OHM readings are good... Using a spark plug tester (the kind with the light) I am getting current down to the plug, but I guess not enough for the spark to jump the gap. I ordered a working used OEM stator and will replace the electrosport one with that.

Things I double checked:

I made sure to file off the powder coat down to bare metal where the ignition coil bolts to the frame.
I disconnected the kill switch wires Black/White and Black when testing for spark to eliminate the kill switch as the cause.

I'm totally clueless. So far I think its the stator. Shouldn't I be getting around 40VAC out of the brown wire when kicking the damn bike? Help
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