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Hi all, I just picked up a stock quadracer. It's been a long time coming, but now that I've finally made my way back to my roots and on some land in the country I'm happy!
I have 22x11x10 on the rear and stock size fronts. I've been ripping around my yard just fine, ever so slowly sliding it more and more with no tip over issues.
I was planning to hit the trails yesterday, so I checked my tire pressure and the rears were 7psi, I dropped them down to the recommended 4. (my gauge only reads in half increments) I ripped around the yard again before heading to the trails and they hooked and I rolled it. I'm 36 now and am not bouncing back like I used too, I'm fucking sore.
So I looked into the tires and found that I'm supposed to have a 21x10x10. I understand how a taller tire will get me more top end, and a wider will get me more grip, but I'm really considering going back to the stock size even though the carliyle strykers are in good shape. I could just air them back up and be able to whip it around without worry of rolling it again, but I have this need to do things as proper as I can.
This thing has excellent acceleration even with the taller rear tire, I don't care to drop the diameter for more acceleration.
My fronts may be original says the seller. They still have tread and hold air, but have dry rot and I don't mind replacing them.

My riding consists of mostly grass, some dirt, but trails and my yard like stated earlier. What brand model and size would you run?
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