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New Sled

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Rumor has it they are coming out with a Mach Z 1000cc in the Rev chassi.

Keep a look out.
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:D I don't know alot on snowmobile but 1000cc and rev chassis sound great!
I read that bombardier clams the 1000cc has 165HP.
Hey Tony,

My dad bought one for next year he got 1 out of the 4 that Amherst is getting. It is 165HP and they say it is supposed to be about 125+ MPH. ALso they claim 18mpg which is amazing.

GreenMachine said:
I read that bombardier clams the 1000cc has 165HP.
Thats one hell of a big twin cylinder motor. Im just finishing putting new pistons in my 2002 Ski-Doo Mach Z motor which is bored over 400ccs with new cylinders and heads and fits nicely inside a 2003 MXZ ZX-X Chassis. It may only say Rotax 800 Twin on the side and its fun to race people that only think you have an 800cc motor.

I also run VForce3 reeds in that with a local shop's custom built exhaust. It puts out damn near 200hp and I've had it to 130 mph with some left to go. I can imagine running this thing in ideal conditions on a big lake with hard snow for the track and ice for the skis. :wacko:. I also like to restore old 70s Ski-Doo race sleds so if you guys know of anyone thats selling one give me a holler.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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