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New Parts

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Just got a set of sprockets from Sidewinder and a Titanium triple chrome plated chain. I went up 2 teeth in the back sprocket since I have the 22' tires. I hope it works good.

Also got a set of Reeds from 1dirracing.com and a manifold with changeable boost bottles. Also picked up a Dyna FS so I can't wait for the UPS guy to show up.
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is that dyna ignition expensive?? i'm still running totally stock ign. coils, stator, cdi. it's all stock after you install yours could you let everyone know how good is works??
I am hoping that it comes in soon they have my reeds all set and they are just waiting for the Dyna to come in. The cost with handle bar switch was $345

The handle bar switch allows you to switch your timing at any time.

I got my Chain and Sprockets on I just need to soak the Chain in Mineral Spirits and slap it on. I got the Motion Pro TORS Relacement Kit and Idle Kit. I have the TORS Replacement on and I just have to do the Idle Kit.

The Idle Kit has me worried because you have to Drill out and tap the Idle Screw hole. Thats is this weekends project.
Well the Idle Kit did not go as well as I had hoped. Ended up breaking the tap in the carb. They say you can take it to a machine shop to have it removed. I decided to not waist any money on the crappy stock carbs and ended up buying a set of Mikuni 28mm carbs. All the parts should be in to put together for this weekend except for the new boost bottle. They just finished producing a new batch of them. I'll post pictures when I am done.
Are you running after market CDI?.
If so how does run compare to stock and what did you to get it running right?.
I am just interested because I am getting ready to replace my CDI box and voltage.
Actually the Dyna is an ignition so I have yet to do anything to my CDI. I have not seen to many people selling aftermarket CDI's for the banshee. I know they have some for the Raptor that are just reprogrammed stock CDI's.

The Dyna basicly gives you the ability to change your power curve by adjusting your spark and your timing. What is really nice is you can make your own power mape and program it to the switch. I believe the switch allows you to have 3-4 power curves. I'll give you more details when I get it all installed.

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