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First off, welcome to E2S, the staff and the members welcome you!
You will find tons of useful information and tons of cool people. This
forum was created to give the New Members a place to stop in and
say hello. Tell us about yourself, whatever you want, name, age, where
you work, what you do, what you ride of course, hobbies etc..

PLEASE! Leave this forum only for new member posts and intros.

Posts that do not belong here will be removed and the poster will
receive a PM reminding them to keep the forums on topic. Numerous
contacts by the Admin or Moderator staff for the same problem could result
in a temporary or permanent ban of your account. If you have any questions
reguarding the site, please contact any one of the moderators, we will be
more than happy to help!

Thanks again for joining the E2S family :D
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Not open for further replies.