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Ok, so this quad was given to me because the prev owner called it "A Demon." I have dealt with the trans issues, valve cover and head matching issue, and dual carb issues with a Raptor 660R and can now rebuilt the entire motor from the base gasket up and put one in time in my sleep so I thought i'd tackle this project. Its a 87-93 Blaster 200. the frame is worn off from the 8-12 place on the VIN from shifting and riding with boots. so we don't know what year it is but it doesn't have hydraulic or disc front brakes.

The Issues:
wont start without starting fluid, wont idle correctly. when its running, a slight touch of the throttle will send the RPM sky high and will stay there until you hit the kill switch for a second to bring the R's back down. pulling the choke and adjusting the air screw yields no difference in idle or running quality. carb was thoroughly (I mean that, not just cleaned... cleaned thoroughly) cleaned and soaked for 4 days. every jet was replaced (even the one in the bowl, for the choke?) and every orifice was blown out with an air compressor. no change. still needs starting fluid to start and still have same results. one reed has a slight bit of the corner missing (PICs to follow)

The Known:
NOT stock cage. I found this out after ordering 3 sets of reeds. none of the prev owners know what cage it is or who replaced it (pics)
i think its the stock carb. it fits into the cage like a glove. (see pics)
the cage currently has single stage reeds. im not sure what they are or if they are commonly replaced with a better or easier cage on blasters? first 2 stroke, first blaster. the reeds that are in it, have 3 holes each, whereas the stock ones only have 2 (<--im told)
Has DG pipe and header, air screw 2.5 turns out, and needle is on 3rd (middle) clip.

new spark plug, oil block off (carb capped), new clutch kit, basket, psi plate, push rods n ball bearing for clutches, carb jets.

its getting fuel, spark and air. not necessarily the correct amounts of each, but its getting them.

and the jet in the bowl (for the choke??? no seriously what is a jet doing in the bowl?) is a 45.
and the needle is set at the 3rd middle clip

only mods (and i learned another thanks to this forum ) are a full DG pipe and header, FMF reed cage and TORS is intact.

just found out that part of the TORS isnt even on my machine. the part that is on the thumb throttle isnt even on the blasty anymore. ill have to get a few pics of the wiring harness (whats left of it) under the hood. so, that shouldnt hurt anything by having the tors still on the carb but not on the thumb throttle???

heres an album for the pics, i spent 10 minutes typing that and tried to put up pics and lost everything. so yeah.
http://s682.photobucket.com/user/FoxQuadRider1225/library/Blaster 200?sort=3&page=1

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I would try getting a new Reed cage I recommend vforce 4 reeds and do a leak down test to see if there are eny leaks form there if u get it running sorry your starting fluid all over the intake the Reed cage and boot and if the motor speeds up u have a leak that needs to be addressed. Hope this helps welcome to nothing but 2 stroke
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