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New England Riding

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Anyone know of some good places to ride. Looking for some new places for this summer.
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Although I haven't been up there to ride, I found a few tracks listed;

Southwick MX

PVF Motocross Park Shrewsbury, VT
Ph 802.492.3361

Bucksport in Orland 207.469.2111
Bull Run in Greene 207.946.2025/207.782.5115
Lakeview Motocross Track St. Agatha 207.543.6331
The Baja Hollister no number listed

Bozrah Bozrah 860.886.5765
Central Village Cycle Club Central Village 860.564.7995
CT River Motocross Park Rocky Hill 413.289.1272/860.721.1980
Gardener's Track Waterford 877.364.4404
Milford Riders Milford 203.877.8597
Rocky Hill MX Rocky Hill 860.721.1980/860.563.6397
Thomaston Dam Thomaston no phone number

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Hey Banshee..How old are ya.Tell me about yourself.I am from MA and your the next state over.Anywhere to ride out there dude.IWhere in N>H are u.I have been to epping and Laconia...I am 45 mins from Boston and Providence...
gixxer1kr said:
Hey Banshee..How old are ya.Tell me about yourself.QUOTE]

damn gixxer you looking for a date or something j/k

sorry couldn't pass that up.

oh yeah jason i know a few good places to ride

silverlake sand dunes
haspin acres

if you make the dirve we'll go riding
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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