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New Banshee Owner - Needs Advice

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I was readin through some of your posts, and it seems to me that you guys know your banshees. I needed some advice from someone that actually knows what works and what doesnt work. I've been a dirt bike man for a long time, and know only bits and pieces about banshees.

So...I've got a 2002 banshee. Totally stock. With about 2k to invest, right off the bat. What are your suggestions?
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ok 2k huh thats easy. al these prices are ballpark

toomey t5 pipes-----$600.00
trinity stage 4 intake with 34mm carb-----$360.00
cool head----$250.00
alum water pump impeller----$90.00
different rear tires-----$100.00
porting---??? talk to scott in the soreracing.com forum
+2 arms----$400.00-$700.00
aftermarket front shocks----$300.00-$700.00
well that should burn up your $2000.00
i probably went over but i say don't but groceries for a week od so and svae your cash.
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oh yeah there are a few no cost things you can do to your banshee. first off they look way better with race cut front fenders. and most importantly take off the TORS it's useless junk that just fills up the frame adn makes things more cluttered. oh yeah ditch the leaky airbox also if your get the trinity intake and go with a clamp on style K&N filter
Welcom Doja,

For $2000 this is what I would do.

Toomey TR-6 Pipe Kit $649
G3 Reed cage and 12mm Reed Spacer $180
G3 Thrust Intake I think it is $250
Alba Pro Flow and K&N filter $102.97
Outerwear $12.99
Dyna Ignition $349.99
Razor II 22/11-9 ITP .190 $257.80
Razor II 23/7-10 ITP .190 $233.80

I am a little over with a total of $2036.55 this is just what I would do and most of it is what I have done. The G3 stuff you can buy at www.1dirracing.com tell him that jason from everything2stroke told you about them. There stuff blows way any other reeds out there. The tires from www.4atvtires.com the rest can be found all over the internet or at www.albaactions.com they are expensive but usually have everything in stock. Just check around. Pro design makes a Pro Flow adapter as well.

If you have any other questions let me know.
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What i have heard was that the TR6 is good for stock banshees. For people that really only want to make minor modifications to theirs. Is this true?
Because I am going to be spending more on it, but over time. I wanna learn as much as i can while i'm doing it....so feel free to give me lengthy responses
Well the TR-6's are a great pipe better than most that are out on the market. But like you said they are good for stock motors. If you plan on Porting and polishing the motor to a aggressive to race port I would go with the T5 but if you just do a trail port and polish then get the TR-6. I have the TR-6's with a 1dirracing intake, reeds, and spacer and it completly changed the way the pipe sounds and how the bike responds to the throttle.
Personally I'm all about a good pair of FMF Fatty pipes with PowerCore2 silencers. I don't like the way the Toomey's sound or feel and there are plenty of dyno's out there that prove the TR-6's only give you power if that's the ONLY thing you do to your banshee. Adding any other performance mods usually REDUCES your power.

I rode a 2004 Ltd Banshee with T-5's on it and it felt like there was no power to it. I'm used to the FMF's screaming and the powerband being abrupt and violent. It just wasn't that way on that banshee.

Port and polish it, pipe it, change that timing 4 degrees, put some bigger carbS on it, and look into a-arms, durablue axle, and suspension.

Personally, if I didn't already have mine worked up I'd be perfectly happy with the FMF pipes, ProDesigns Pro flow airfilter adapter (the stock one sucks, we all know that), a +4 axle, +2+1 a-arms, and some sweet suspension.

Don't take my revolt against Toomey's as an insult. It's just my opinion from my experiences with them. I'm sure there's people out there with views completely contradicting mine.
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First off you shouldn't believe every dyno you read. There are many things that could through off a dyno, a competitor doing the dyno and not jetting it correctly, high compression motor verse motor that has no compression, just a plain bad dyno machine. I guess my point is never believe what you see on a dyno unless it is your bike up there. Use it as a base line but take it with a grain of salt.

As for the T-5's on a stock motor they will be less of a pipe than the FMF. The T-5's are built to be on a high performance motor not a stock motor. As for the TR-6's they allow you to run a way bigger main jet then any other motor out there correct me if I am wrong but the TR-6 is a 280 main and I believe the FMF is a 240-250. In any case my theory is the man with the biggest main jet wins. With the 1DirRacing I am now running a 420 and will be going up to a 430 in the summer.

I agree with all the mods except the +4 degree, It maybe more money but I would suggest a Dyna. It gives you the ability to run stock timing but also bump it to what every timing you program. Also you are going to gain a lot of Spark power out of it. I just put one on my banshee and couldn't be happier.

I wouldn't take it as an insult but I would be loving it when I blow by you. ;)
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I'd have to agree with you on the Dyna. The only reason I never tried one out was because I was a poor bastard. The timing change causes you to have to kick it a few more times when it's cold, but after that it's ALL top end. My buddy has that done to his 2000. I'll have to pick one of those Dyna's up along with some 38mm carbs when I get the 420 powervalve..... Then you'll be insulted by the FMF's spittin oil all over those tiny toomey's!!!

Alright, I'm done now no more arguing on the internet cuz we all know...

I already know I'm going to hell, that's where all of my friends are going... why would I want to be alone in heaven???
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hey scott your the pro. what have you had better luck with FMF or toomey. i've never actually ridden a bashee with FMF. i've only ridden them with toomeys and pro slows i mean pro circuits. anyway i say get pipes get some good porting and get a single carb setup it make the banshee ridable in the low end. stock carb setups suck lowend.
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I have used all of the above pipes and they all work well for the intended purpose. Not a fan of the PC though. For the majority of people I would suggest the FMF because they make really good torgue and they work well on stock or modded banshees. Also price and availibility is really good on these as well as the fit and finish. Not trying to through a wrench in things, but the new Alien pipe is also strong on the banshee.

ok while we are on the topic of pipes i have to ask you a question. the dmc dual setups for banshees. not the alien but the pipe where the silencers is a dual outlet silencer under the grab bar. these are by far the coolest looking pipe for a banshee. anyway my question is have you ever used these pipes and are they spark arrested or is there a spark arrestor available for them. i want a set to go on my 96 with a *** engine thats ported also has a slightly milled head and a trinty stage 4 intake with 34mm kiehn. would i be better off sticking with the t5's i have now or should i buy the dmc's and toss the tommeys on the old 87.
So what are the benefits of porting and polishing a banshee? And bout how much is it gonna run me?

Also....you say to get aftermarket shocks and A-Arms....but what are good brands to get?
Porting = Making your intake port & Exhaust port(??) on you motor bigger by boring it out. The more you bore out the more aggressive your motor will be.

Polishing = What is sounds like they will polish up your intake so that there are no little places to cause air drag. You have to think about the fact that there is a lot of air and fuel going into your motor when you hit the gas. by polishing the intake on the motor you are allowing the air to flow with out any restrictsions.

As for cost on this I couldn't tell you. Mybe scott can anwser this.

The DMC is the pipe I was talking about, Alien is what DMC uses for the 4 stroke pipes. They sound sweet and make really good power. I am a dealer and can get you a really good deal if you want a set.

Porting and polishing is really complicated to explain so I will give you a brief overview. By changing the port layout on a 2 stroke, you can dreastically change the powerband of the engine. When I port a cylinder, I use very high tech computer software to help develop my port layout. basically, by raising the exhaust port, you can raise the RPM that the motor makes its power at. The transfer port heights and widths are also very critical. To have a killer motor, it is critical to have the porting, pipes, carbs, head, and intake all tuned for the same target RPM range and the same torque range. If the porting is not done correctly, the motor will make less power and be unridable. This is pretty crude but I would have to type for days to tell yo everything I know about porting.
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scott can you get the dmc pipe for the banshee that has the 1 silencer. i like these but i'm not exactly sure if it's gonna be a ba decision to switch from my t5's.


Is he the one to ask about how much it should run me to get my banshee ported and polished?
Yup Scott=Soreracing

He knows his stuff and has been building quads for GNCC riders for years.
I will look up the price on the pipe and get back with you.

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