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New Banshee Motor

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Picture this.... you suddenly get a decent amount of money (enough to pay off all of your bills and then some). Then think about what you would do to your bike/quad. If you had a banshee, what would you do to your motor??? I saw banshee mention something about the 420 motor and it really had me thinking.

I'm not talking "all-out-wrecklessness" I mean something that would be alot of fun, definately needs to be reliable, and more than enough power to smoke ALL of your friends.

Does anyone have anything to say (good or bad) about any of the stroker/big-bore kits out there? Nitrous? Turbo? Get as crazy as you want. Because that's my situation and I need some help! :evil:
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***'s run really really good. mines a short rod ***. i was told it was a long rod but somebody was mistakin. if i were you i'd post in sore racings forum and ask scott. he'd know more about crazy engines that are fast more than anyone else. oh yeah i posted soemthing in there about stroker cranks a while back and he replied check that out i foget exactly what he said.
I would buy the 520 Cheeta Motor from Trinity Racing. It puts out like 160hp. That would be sick. Then put nitrous on it probably a 20 shot. You would be close to 200hp.
that 520 woulf be great if you were draggin it or something like that but normal riding would be impossible.
Yeah I suppose but just make sure you have very good brakes to slow you down fast and in a hurry when a tree is coming at you.
I've seen things for that 520 motor, but I've never heard anything from anyone who had one. I'm not looking to drag with it. I'm just looking for a good all around motor that's bigger and badder than most of the normal modded banshees.
I have had great results building powervalve 420 kits. Any bigger and it is no longer a trail bike. The powervalves are great on the banshee and they create awesome bottom end and they run cool.

Thanks scott, I'm just trying to get some information and some opinions about the different kits. I'm going to do something major once winter comes around. Does anyone know where I can get new/newer complete bottom ends? The motor in mine has a case # for a 1990 (the frame is new and has no #) and I'm not really sure what it's been through since I just bought the quad. It seems great (tons of mid-range power while still having the top-end), but I'm not sure if I want to completely redo it or just keep it as a spare and build a new one. I just don't know if I'd trust this one's internals to handle the increase in power all that well.

Anybody have any other suggestions or comments on any of that?
I'm sure scott can take your motor and go through the bottom end and replace anything that is bad. The bottom ends are usually rugged and can take the abuse. the most you will replace is 1-3 gears and maybe some other little odds and ends. That would be my suggestion. On the other had having a complete 2nd motor is also pretty good deal but your going to pay good money for a complete motor or even just a bottom end and your still going to have to go through it with a fine tooth comb.

Good Luck
banshee is right on that part. a second engine is gonna cost you quite a bit. i got a steal on my engine at 600. salvage yards want between 1000 and 1400 for a complete engine. oh yeah you don't need a complete engien anyway. for a 420 powervalve your gonna replace the cyl., crank, and head anyway. all you need is a set of cases and a trans. i say just buy a set of cases and a trans off of ebay and start that way
That's what I was hoping to find somewhere for a decent price. Otherwise I'd just add more parts to the "banshee box" that I'll never use.
PA_Banshee said:
That's what I was hoping to find somewhere for a decent price. Otherwise I'd just add more parts to the "banshee box" that I'll never use.

Just take the banshee box and post them on ebay. Extra cash to dump into your quad.
Extra parts are a good thing to have around though. It suck when you have to buy a gear or something like that from yamaha. Better to have a gear laying around.
i hear that. i 've got a better setup than that. if my banshees are tken apart like they are now i have al kinds of parts and the quad don't run so i can't break anything. ah hell my situation blows.
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