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Bought an 04 LT80 for my daughter, it had been sitting for a while and ran rough but was starting to clear up before I pulled it apart, I drained all the old gas(it is premix 32:1 no more oil injection) took the vacuum assisted petcock off and put a regular banshee one on cleaned the bowl on the carb, found the was no air filter in it so bought one and installed it. I put Boyesen reeds in. Put it all back together, it runs GREAT with an open carb(none of the intake tubes hooked up at all) will do wheelies with me on it at 200# . When it’s all together properly it will start, idle no problem but when you go past 1/4 throttle it dies like it’s not getting enough air or fuel, All the air ducts were removed and cleaned. I put the stock Reeds back in and still same issue. Has fresh plug, any help is appreciated!!! Thanks

This is with the new graphic and all cleaned up
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