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1986 Honda TRX 250r
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I finially got time to get the damn carb off my dads craptor and now i need to know a little about the damn thing.

it has 2 different size mains in it, as you may know its a duel barrel carb, so it idles on one side while the other one is closed and then when you hit the throettle both open.

So what mains should i be running for starters with a slip on and an intake?

It has in it currently.

155 main left side
160 main right side
25 pilot, which i think may be to big, am i right?
needle on the middle... is the stock needle ok? it was on the middle clip and it ran good up top but was a DOG to start for some reason.

it also back fires pretty bad when you go wfo in 5th and then let off the throttle.

What im thinking of doing right now is goin down one size on the pilot and see how it runs? good idea or not?
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