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NEATV-MX Race Schedule

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NEATV-MX's 2004 Race Schedule will have two new tracks this year as well as a new sponsor. NEATV-MX is pleased to announce that Ronnies Warehouse has signed on as the official series sponsor and will be with us for the 2004 season. NEATV-MX is continuing to grow and with 2 new tracks we are continuing to expand our rider base of over 400 riders , and continue to help ATV racing take off.

2004 Race Schedule
1) March 28th- Rocket Raceway, Three Springs,PA. (season warm-up no points for New england region-no neatv-mx membership needed)

2) April 4th- MX 338,Southwick.MA. (season opener)

3) May 16th- MX 338,Southwick,MA.

4) June 13th- Jolly Roger Moto Sports Park,Lempster,NH.

5) June 27th- MX 338,Southwick,MA.

6) July 11th- Winchester Speedpark, Winchester,NH.

7) July 24th - 25th- Jolly Roger Moto Sports Park,Lempster,NH. ( 2 day event )

8) August 8th- Winchester Speedpark,Winchester,NH.

9) August 29th- Jolly Roger Moto Sports Park,Lempster, NH.

10) September 26th- MX 338, Southwick,MA.

11) October 3rd- Jolly Roger Moto Sports Park,Lempster,NH

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