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My Engine Oil Summary

Fully mineral oil (petroleum oil) protects OK but only when using a generous amount of it. But using a high amount of it dirties the engine and the exhaust pipe quickly with carbon. This is definitely not good for engines with exhaust valves. But if you are after high power then there is a benefit to using 100% mineral oil and that is that it burns more readily than synthetic oils so it actually is also a type of fuel. But I prefer to use a semi-synthetic oil just for a higher gas/oil ratio and less exhaust smoke and less drool (spooge). For those who want to ride a lot and clean the engine almost never I would recommend a fully synthetic oil. For hard core racers I would recommend Castor 927 although other companies also make good castor blends for racing. It’s just that I have high esteem for Maxima and trust them the most to do it right. For ultimate protection any good oil with castor oil since castor actually increases its protection as engine temps and stress rise. Maxima has done the best job at not adding too much castor and balancing its dirtying effect with the right additives. I’ve used it and didn’t think it was a “dirty” oil at all.

These are good semi-synthetic oils which I recommend using:
Motul Scooter Expert 2T, Lucas High Performance Semi-Synthetic, AMSoil Dominator, Motul 710 2T, Maxima Premium 2

Full synthetic oils that are good:
Maxima Super M, Maxima FORMULA K-2, Honda Pro Honda HP2, Motul 800 2T

Good oils containing castor oil:
Maxima CASTOR 927

Don’t ask me what gas/oil ratio to use because I’m not a “ratio man” as such. I think talking ratios is putting the cart before the horse because the ratio should be dependent mostly on the oil viscosity at the estimated upper cylinder temperature since it is oil viscosity that is the primary way in which it protects. And it takes a computer to figure that out which is why I made my own Oil Ratio Calculator (Excel spreadsheet). For all my info on oils go to www.dragonfly75.com/moto/oil.html
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