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kildea250r said:
I lived in Michigan for 26 yrs. I rode at the Mounds down near Flint, Silver Lake Dunes, Plainwell area (family owned property), Gaylord on almost all of the pipeline trails, the bombing range near Grayling, all of the snowmobile trails in the tip of the mit, snowmobile trails around Marquette, Shingleton, Seney, Germfask.
I have ridden the rail road tracks from Gaylord up to Indian River and then West towards Petosky and then back around to Wolverine. I have to say that runnin the piplines was the best trail ridin that I've done. Once in awhile you get a good run for your money with the DNR or even the gas company trucks but if you have the skills then you should have no problems gettin out of dodge.

I loved Michigan and would move back in a heartbeat if Gaylord or Kalamazoo had some promising work move into the area.
I agree , I lived in Michigan too I have rode the pipeline and the bombing range "TANK TRAILS" rode at browns city and baja acres best times of my life . I would move back to Grayling in a heart beat if there was more work !!
141 - 142 of 142 Posts